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Can anyone help me find a cardigan sweater?

Asked by jaketheripper (2776points) April 25th, 2010

Im looking for a cardigan to go over a dress shirt and tie for a 50’s style sock hop. I want one that will look good for the occasion definitely referencing the 50’s era look but with a little more modern fit that I could wear to other occasions.
I found this one and this one which are close to what i want but a little on the expensive side.

I need one that is a solid color with no collar that has a modern/slim fit for around or under $30

can anyone help me out?

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I would look on EBay or J Crew, maybe.

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I was very surprised at the quality and prices of clothing at Amazon. I had never thought of it as a place to buy clothing before, but I always check it now.

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Cotton sweaters always age badly for me, they get deformed really quickly. I would recommend wool, for many, many years of service.

I see some good possibilities in @cazzie‘s link. And I would check the Salvation Army/Goodwill/thrift stores.

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Unfortunately this is not sweater season, so your choices might be limited. You might try a discounter like Ross, that would get left-overs from the winter season.

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to be true to period should it have pockets or not?

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salvation army. goodwill. any thrift store. they always have a million cardigans, and they arent 70 bucks.

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Call The Smiths or The Housemartins.

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You’re a guy, right. Too bad. carries some lovely ones for women

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