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Southpark gets death threats for portraying Muhammad, but don't all Muslims believe it is a sin to portray man at all?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) April 26th, 2010

If man is forbidden to be portrayed, because “man is formed in the image of god, and is perfect, so if it is recreated it will not be in the image of god,” then why aren’t all cartoons being threatened with violence for recreating the image of man?

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i personally think that it is extremist’ of islam that do the threatening and terrorizing. i know muslims in my community who,at least in public, do not abide with all that go’s on the the muslim world.
it’s basically the same with all religions. you have the faithfull and the zealots. zealots are dangerous. they only go by the word. not the intent.

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I almost want to say that religion is more ridiculous than racism…...that’s how…....ignorant it all is. Just ignore all of it, we just have to put up with these embarrasing humans until we die and then its all over…...

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Because there is no logic in the end to how these extreme people act. They want to be angry.

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Seriously, I can’t even begin to keep up.
All I know is that someone’s always pissed off and it’s usually over something religious.

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I think saying “all _____ believe ____” is always a dangerous statement. I am not a muslim, but I am sure that, as in all large groups, the variety of views amongst muslims is very great. As to my perceived intention of the question, I would agree that it seems nonsensical, but that is how I feel about a lot of things.

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Don’t all Catholics avoid birth control?

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no. just the chinese. (just kidding)

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Don’t worry they are getting to it…its all based on proirity

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Even the word “Muhammad” is a portrayal of the real guy. It is an image created to depict a specific person. That’s what words are… pictures of thoughts, ideas and concepts.

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ok. im catholic. and if i go to hell because i “wrap it before i tap it” then so be it.

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Because they don’t believe what you’ve suggested….

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@jaytkay… no, maybe long ago. not now.

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So this is why I can’t find any parts for my Muslimatic camera!
No harm will come to Matt and Trey. Why? Because it would finally open the American publics eyes to the danger that radical Islam represents.
Might be worth it though. I’d vote for the Southpark Memorial Bill.

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