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What do you hunger for?

Asked by gemiwing (14713points) April 27th, 2010

What do you crave right now that you’re not getting? Do you crave peace; need someone to hear you or is it as simple as a bagel?

What drives that passion inside you? How did you figure out what it was you’re needing?

I ask because I have the feeling that I’m missing something. I have this need but I can’t figure out quite what it is. I’m hoping some answers from the collective will give me a good jump-start.

Some joking is ok by me, yet I would really like to know what you crave as this will hopefully help me figure out what’s missing. Thanks!

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Motivation. This house ain’t gonna clean itself!

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Money and Tilapia lol.

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I’m always craving to create a new web page or computer program. Wish I had the time to create a real website that I’ve had the idea of for a while now. Maybe someday…

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Women, and Pizza.

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Are we missing leadership in America? i feel a void in that area and it makes me feel very uneasy. America use to be the “shining star” for the world. i see no direction for my country. we are at a standstill with no future in sight. the blame is not squarely on Obamas shoulders. he faced many of these problems on the first day he was in office. leftover baggage from other administrations before him.

Honestly, i did not vote for Obama, but my answer is not directed at him. its like no one wants a new prison in their state and governors face this problem each day. the same applies to the leaders of America. constant turmoil and the lack of control in ‘The Federal Government is foremost.

My wish is that the next elected President will take America by the reins and again show the world that America is the country that everyone wants to live, move to and raise their families.

Made In America. i miss these three words on things that i buy. don’t you?

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It sounds like you may be experiencing a spiritual hunger. It’s times like this that people often turn to external sources, trying to fill that void. Alcohol or other substances, food, sex, acquisition of wealth, extreme sports..whatever it is that floats your boat.
In the end, these things cannot complete you or give you what it is that you are missing. If you’re really looking for that missing part of yourself, I suggest that you start here, and from there maybe here.
I point to the above answers as validation of what I’m saying to you. I do not imply that what others suggest is frivolous, only that what you seem to be lacking goes beyond the external needs.

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@john65pennington So you crave having a country that values responsibility, leadership and a positive future?

@Trillian- I agree. I’m going to look at those, thank you. I’m not craving something small- I feel more like a piece of me is missing somewhere. It’s annoying and cannot be ignored any longer- as much as I am tempted. heh

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I’m a little scared to say

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@thriftymaid perhaps you can use a generality?

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@gemiwing I don’t think so

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A hunk of cheese .

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@ChazMaz I thought that was hanker? I loved that damn cheese wheel.

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Yes. when you are a new, rookie police officer, you go into the field with the idea that you are going to arrest all the bad guys and make your city a safer place for everyone to live. we all had the same idea. we soon discovered that crime is just too big for one person to handle alone. that sometimes, one person cannot make a difference, it takes the whole department and then some. point here is i want back what i cherished back in the early days of my life. that was direction, liviability and security for you, your family and for future generations in America. we do not have this, today.

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@john65pennington What a beautiful answer, thank you.

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I’m craving food lately. Salty, sugary, fatty foods. I don’t know why but it’s driving me absolutely nuts. I’m trying to look good for my wedding in 3 months. But my body only seems to want bad foods lately. It’s hard to stay on track :(

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I crave weekends off work.

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Greater and more passionate connection with people.

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peace, tolerance and financial security

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Freedom to do what I think is right. I’ve been trapped in a relationship for too long and I really need to see what else is out there right now.

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I am craving to not feel scared about finances anymore.

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Good health. If I could just get my energy back so I can get outside and do the things I enjoy, I’ll be a happy camper.

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I hungry for my man Rafael Scott, I miss him so fucking much.

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money and deep daring self-love not necessarily in that order

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I crave love, music that moves me and simplicity.

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Loose women! :-)

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NSA sex. Of course.

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A moment of genius.

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Yes!! A Guinness will do nicely! Oh you said genius…. I’ll just settle for a Guinness then!

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Peace of mind and it looks I will be starved for life!

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I crave what I’ve been craving for years. A sense of feeling ok about myself, and a feeling that I am complete. I don’t need any other people to love me in order to feel loved. I need to feel that relationships are not and never will be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that I should look for another one that is perfect. It doesn’t exist. The only place any sense of ok-ness exists is somewhere inside me, and I hunger to find that, so I can calm down and focus on my real work, without always feeling like I need drama in order to feel like my life means anything.

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I’m craving a creamy, delicious Jelly filled donut with a French vanilla cappuccino. And what makes me want that is Mr.Tummy!

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Love with a future

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the battle between my craving for food and craving for skinniness to be over

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Peace and pineapples.

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a cuddle right now

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@lynneblundell Here you go, sweetie.

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thank you xxx

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I crave sanity, love, peace and for one certain person to get the hell out of my life.

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A break in the dam weather so I can sit in my garden rather than be stuck indoors all day! :-/ I might even re-coat the deck if it becomes clearer out there!!

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@lynneblundell I’m a day late, but I’ll cuddle too if you still need it. :)

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Security – personal and financial

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@jonsblond I do..I really do thank you xx

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