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I need help setting up media server with WMP 11 and PS3 .

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) April 27th, 2010

Right I have tried everything for a while now to get this working , every-time I follow steps from forums and web help pages . My PS3 never finds my WMP11 as a server , on the ps3 I have set media share as active on WMP I follow the steps but when I click ok nothing happens apart from a small freeze . OK this isn’t a big importance as i use other form of stream , but I would rather use WMP as Sony say its the best suited for PS3 . I just need help cause everything should work but it doesn’t , here is one site I tried note the picture names ’ media sharing in WMP11 ’ this never happens on my WMplayer
Maybe you know a better one to use and can tell me how to set it up , the one i use is TVersity but it gives alot of DNS errors ( this is normal according to them , I just don’t like it happening )

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I can’t be of much help because I was going to suggest using something like TVersity over WMP because TVerisity does transcoding (or converting one media type to another) on the fly. I don’t think WMP does this so everything you have would need to be converted to a format the PS3 can use.

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Have you tried connecting your PS3 to your router with an actual ethernet cable?

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@Storms I only use ethernet cable , but even if I were wireless it shouldn’t have any issues really .

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