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Will nuclear war break out?

Asked by ConfusedKid (153points) April 27th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m not worried but what are your thoughts on a nuclear war breaking out on say my generation? (I’m 15)

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No it won’t. Now go back to playing Fallout 3 :D.

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A nuclear attack is possible, but only if such weapons fell into the wrong hands i.e. terrorists. Even then it would be difficult to succeed with an attack like this. As for a nuclear war – no, I doubt it.

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A legitimate nuclear war? Doubtful.

@beautifulbobby193 <—I agree with this guy.

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If it does it wont matter, because it will then set everyone off and we will all die.

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Not as such, no. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a conflict where nuclear weapons were used. Especially smaller nuclear munitions.

This reminds me of some dweeb’s argument that DU rounds were nuclear weapons. Some days I think that King Louis IX was right: gutting your opponent makes for a fine end to some arguments.

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Unlikely to be a conventional nuclear war. More likely is a terrorist attack using nuclear material.

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The problem is is Iran and the terrorist .

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@Nullo You can’t be serious about the DU rounds. Facepalm.

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There is no significant gain in it, for any country, and there wouldn’t be any winners in the end. The world is well aware of the massive destruction and loss of life that can occur from using atomic weapons. There are nuclear “threats” such as North Korea and even Iran perhaps but I don’t see them ever using nuclear munitions or creating viable weapons systems that can match the magnitude of those possessed by the United States.

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@ShiningToast Sadly, I am serious. I can only hope for the sake of sanity that the other guy wasn’t.

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Nuclear attacks, maybe, perhaps even a war between minimally armed nuclear nations. But whole-scale nuclear war, no – the type of devastation suffered by the “victor” wouldn’t be worth the cost… but then, people have fought for less.

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While there is always the possibility of somebody using a nuclear weapon, I don’t forsee a toe to toe nuclear confrontation that would decimate the human race.

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I forsee a possibility of nuclear war with Iran and Israel. But not like cataclysmic world destruction, more like tactical nukes. As for America, and Europe, you never know what the higher ups next moves will, be so we can’t say for sure what will happen, but for now it doesn’t seem like any war will happen in those spheres. …sucks if you’re in Iran or Israel though

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The idea of mutually assured destruction will prevent this. The real danger of nuclear holocaust lies with rogue nations that have nothing to lose getting their hands on atomic weapons. The US, Russia, UK, and the other big nuclear nations probably wouldn’t use their arsenals because as crazy as our leaders can be, they simply know better. A little pissant country with a psychotic dictator and one nuke? That’s the real danger.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you happen to be referring to Iran?

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@WolfFang, not specifically, though I do believe they would be a threat if they were armed with nukes. I’m more specifically referring to warlord types stealing nukes al la Tom Clancy.

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haha oh ok lol. Israel will most definately bomb Iran though, It’s inevitable, cause Iran wants Israel off the map, and Israel is more than ready for a preemptive strike. I’m just not sure whether It will spiral into nuclear war though

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You know that if Israel and Iran got into a tizzy, we would be involved, right?

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Oh right, Because we have to back Israel up. And that would suck if Russia happened to be investing in Iran…WWIII here we come :D

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@WolfFang It’s a good bet that Israel won’t be the one to start the fight with Iran, if their track record is any indicator. Israel’s military philosophy seems to be “hit back hard.”
Israel is the only solidly West-friendly nation in that part of the world. Backing it up is good strategy, especially since not backing them up won’t fix things with the rest of the Middle East.
—Israel’s got a fascinating (and in my case, likeable) disregard for the opinions of, well, pretty much everyone.

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No, there is next to no chance at all that nuclear war will break out in your lifetime. I dont exclude the possibility of a rogue bomb bing detonated somewhere as a terrorist act, or even a limited strike between two nations, but there will not be a general nuclear conflict.

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Iran is a danger to us all.
I have heard they want to start World War three. They believe that it must happen. There extreme religionists beliefs make them unstable.
I am not against religion only using as an excuse for murder.
@Nullo I actually completely agree with you.
My very consecrative doctor and I had a talk about this recently. I completely agreed with him. Despite that I am an Independent.

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Got back from school and saw all these aha, and cool guts. Just wanted to hear peoples opinions

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Not a war, but perhaps a terrorist attack. Probability: 30% over the next 20 years. Let’s do everything to lower this number. Find the deeper reasons for terrorism and strategies against it.

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@Nullo Israel would be crazy to not do a preemptive strike

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@philosopher There are conservative Independents, you know.
@mattbrowne I think that we’ve bottomed out in terms of the deeper causes for terrorism, at least among islamofascists: They don’t like us because we are the Infidel that needs killing.

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I think Independents see issues the way they really are. We look beyond the rhetoric and exam the documentation.
I often see both sides and would prefer a compromise.
The Muslim extremists are fascist and I have no tolerance for anyone who supports them. On this issue I sound Consecrative.
On other issues that we have debated before I completely disagree with the Republican view.
This makes me an Independent.
I have some very Consecrative family members. They support research as I do.
I can not support a party that opposes research; or a party that placates terrorist. The left wing Democrats often are too empathic to terrorist. I have no empathy for people that wish to destroy America.
I will never forgive what happened on 911.

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@Nullo – I don’t think it’s that simple and we should continue looking for the deeper causes. One significant cause is unfairness. Too many western politicians condone unfairness exercised by the Israeli government. Every new house in East Jerusalem for example creates 100 new terrorists.

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I agree with you as my very conservative physician said, Israeli is the only real Democracy in the Middle East. They are our alleys every other nation in the Middle East has no loyalty to us.
Israel has a right to exist the Muslim population should be helped by other Muslim nations. They should not even be in Israel. They want to own the whole world. Including all our Democracies. They want to make us follow there laws. They call us Infidel because we do not believe in their fascist ways.
If any other nation had weapons launched at it’s cities they would have retaliated full force. The Israeli’s showed restraint.
I have little empathy for people that keep attacking the civilian population.
Since I am women I dislike them even more. These men think women should be their slaves. Yes I have gotten this attitude from Muslim men and laughed in their ignorant faces.
I have never asked them why are you in my country? Since you hate us; but those were my thoughts.
I will never placate them. This is the foolish mistake L wing Democrats make.
This why I am an Independent.
Matt I respect your intelligence but on this I completely disagree with you.
I worked in Manhattan in the Melting Pot. It is not fun to listen to uneducated disrespectful people making nasty comments about the nation you love.
My coworkers and I usually ignored it. We laughed about it and said, they are simply uneducated. They were not Americans. They were nasty and did a lousy job; but people tried to be tolerant.

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@philosopher – Yes, Israel has the right to exist and they can build thousands of new homes on property that is part of Israel already. East Jerusalem is not part of Israel as mandated by the UN in 1948. During the 1967 Six-Day War Israel conquered this part and radical Israeli today argue that East Jerusalem should be seen as part of Israel because this was so 3000 years ago. They ignore the UN and its resolutions. They ignore international law. Moderate Muslims are angered by this and I fully understand their anger. A few of them become radicals.

Moderate Muslims don’t want to own the whole world. They don’t treat women like slaves. But they still want fairness. Like all people in the world.

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Offers have been made. See this link.

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