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What are some fun games to play on facebook and which ones do you play?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6637points) April 28th, 2010

Me I play:
Restaurant City
Happy Farm
Café World
Mall World
Sorority Life

and I used to also play happy aquarium and fish isle but I stopped.

And also are there other cooking/restaurant games you know on facebook that I could try?

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there are im guessing infintite amount of fbook games.
but i play…happy island ( my favvvoritite) and after that comes hotel city… as far as restaurant games i dnno any aside cafe world or restaurant city….

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I never play facebook games any more. I think they are all scams in one way or another. Back in the day I used to play the Facebook version of Oregon Trail.

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I play entirely too many!
Pet Society
Cafe World
Super Poke Pets
Treasure Isle
Country Life
I think there are more but I can’t remember them all right now, oh Petville and Fishville!

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You already have five games. Isn’t that enough? My suggestion is try to find another hobby that’s not a complete waste of time. Or get some friends to hang out with.

Sorry if I sound mean, I just hate Facebook games in general.

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@Snarp They ARE all scams in one way or another! Did you hear about the British kid who spent over 900 dollars (on his mom’s credit card, no less) on FVcash? I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I play FarmVille too. It’s fun to make something just how you want it after having to do all my school work exactly the right way.
Anyways, to answer your question, @Thesexier, about cooking/restaurant games…I don’t think there are any more.

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@ParaParaYukiko , I do have friends and all that its not like I am some lonely personxxD
And also I am in Taekwondo and Football, so thats enough. I only play facebook games in the evening after homework and stuff:)

@ChocolateReigns , hahahah I think I heard about that boyxD, and yeah thank for answering everybody :)

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I think it’s silly to call them scams, since they’re free…

Pet Society and Restaurant City are the best, IMO. Surprised you’re not playing Pet Society.

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@Provlear I am not really a pet’s person :(

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