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Has a question on fluther ever reaffirmed your determination and zest for life and why did it do that?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) April 28th, 2010

I have been going thru a rough patch in life, and I was getting down and thinking about throwing in the towel. My question yesterday about suicidal thoughts was about my own thoughts as I was thinking how far I was going to throw in the towel. The answers really helped me decide to keep fighting. Then Sophief’s question today about only one more sex act made me laugh at myself for being such a big baby. Life always has ups and downs, the downs just make us appreciate the ups more. Have you ever come across a question that really hits home and really helps put things in perspective and what did it involve?

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The question when WTF proposed definitely did that for me – their story inspires me to this day.

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There are 2 people on here that I am aware that have it really tough, with illnesses other than Depression, that really affects their life. They make me appreciate things more. But only those people.

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Hasn’t happened yet though there are some good topics.

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I think it was your question about what keeps you going day to day. I realized, of course I want to. I’ve never really thought about suicide but the thought of living 20 more years of pain sure gets me down- thank gawd for drugs! And so I’m planning my trip to Chichen Itza.

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Nothing really, but there must be some reason why I keep coming back.

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It hasn’t happened to me, @Adirondackwannabe, but I am so, so, so happy you took the words of your fellow jellies to heart. You’re very strong, and should be proud of yourself.

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A number of questions reminded me over the last several months that many people are much worse off than I am. On some days just being able to provide advice reminded me that I can have some function in the world, however minor.

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Every time I check in, I find something entertaining, educational or humourous. Right now, it’s discovering how almost 100% of jellies back Gay rights and won’t stand bigotry (though I am not Gay myself, I was moved by the thread – you know which one I mean) and the other is VAGINA NOSE

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