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Can taking a xanax before an STD test effect the results?

Asked by AlienHuman (1points) April 28th, 2010

Have been hearing mixed answers, but i take Xanax for back pain and sleep aid, im going in to take a STD test and a friend told me not to take a pill in the morning due to it effecting the results.

Is there any validity to this?

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removed by me

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I’m no scientist, but I’m confident I know enough about science to be sure that Xanax in your bloodstream isn’t going to show up as herpes.

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Best thing to do if you have doubts, is call the Drs office and ask. I doubt they will interfere with the tests, but let them know you are on Xanax and ask for direction from them.

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Definitely not.

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my logical side says it make no difference.

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Nope. Any time you have to go into the doctor’s office, they’ll tell you if anything can affect the results so that you know to stay away from it. It’s normally food and/or liquids, but they would have told you if you needed to stop taking those the night before. The thing Xanax will really affect is if Xanax will show up in your bloodstream.

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