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What restaurants would you suggest off old Hwy 101 in San Diego area?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) April 29th, 2010

Restaurants off old Hwy 101 in towns of Carlsbad down to Del Mar.

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I don’t think Hwy 101 goes any further south than downtown LA.

Do you perhaps mean Hwy 5?

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I suggest the The Beach House or for more elegant dining. Bistro 39 which is not right on the beach, but very nice place to eat.

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Brian1946 Theres an old hwy 101… parallel to Hwy 5 maybe .5 or a 1 mile apart…starting I believe Oceanside and goes down is it Del Mar or other beach towns. It is a beautiful drive. We found out by ‘accident’ when we stayed in Carlsbad long ago.

Yarnlady..thank you for the suggestions.

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The Green Flash. It might be a little further south than Del Mar, but well worth it, especially if you are there and can catch a glimpse of “the Green Flash”.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous One of my favorite Pacific Beach restaurants

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