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Anyone got a good ground turkey recipe I haven't tried?

Asked by marinelife (62450points) April 29th, 2010

I am making ground turkey for dinner tonight.

I usually use it in a Mexican casserole, chili, chop suey/stir fry, or ground turkey meatballs.

Tonight, I am out of ideas, and I want something different.

How do you prepare it?

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I always prepare what we call “Turkeyaki.” I brown the turkey with teriyaki sauce and break it into really small granular bits. Then add spinach and serve over rice. Love it!

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Turkey chili?!? Mmmmmm!!!!

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Oh…sorry. I just read your entire question. Nevermind the chili then :-)

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Turkey stroganoff. I got my recipe from

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Italian sausage—>

Add red pepper flakes, fennel, salt, pepper, Italian spices and binder ( use powdered milk or egg or bread crumbs). Make into patties. Fry in olive oil. YUMMY

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Both turkey gumbo, and turkey tetrazzini can be made with ground turkey as well as from cubes, just make turkey meat balls first, then plunk them in.

These are all from my favorite low carb healthy Spark Recipes where you can find many, many more.

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ground turkey

a. tacos
b. enchiladas
c. meatloaf
d. burgers with basil, onion, green pepper, parmesan, olive oil, spinach
e. ground steak-like sandwich with sweet peppers and onions and steak sauce
f. sloppy joes
g. omelette with ground turkey instead of bacon
h. egg rolls with ground turkey, shredded cabbage, garlic, ginger and cilantro instead of pork
i. lasagna with basil, shredded mozzarella and the usual flavors

how to prepare it? just like you do if you were eating beef. working on a cookbook as a matter of fact…

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Make turkey burgers, put it in baked ziti or lasagna, fajitas. Use it with any recipe that would call for ground beef

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Thanks for all the ideas, guys. They are going into the arsenal of recipes.

There was a recipe on Spark Recipes (thanks for that link @Yarnlady) for Asian meatballs that almost had me.

We ended up doing a stir fry, because when I looked in the frig, all the veggies looked so good to me.

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