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Commercial VPN implementation for small business?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) March 12th, 2008

Anyone have a good solution for VPNing about 3 windows laptops to a Win 2k3 SBS server for file access (“make available offline”) and Outlook?

We’ve been doing this via OpenVPN for years, but it’s starting to be a little flaky, either the server-side instance will stop forwarding traffic mysteriously, or some random process on the laptop (or random firewall at a hotel) will drop the packets silently.

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My parent company uses Softnet but I can’t tell you much about it otherwise.

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An alternative to the traditional vpn is Himachi (basically a peer to peer vpn subnet)

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@gsiener: that’s what I was thinking of, thank you!

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Just an update: installed Himachi on a laptop and my server this morning—it is rocking right along. Was even able to join the laptop to the domain over Himachi.

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