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I think my girlfriend is trying to fatten me up?

Asked by blackmageboy (37points) April 29th, 2010

This sounds really strange, but I’ve been dating this girl for about three months, and about a month ago, she told me she was a chubby chaser. I didn’t really care at the time, and I am a skinny guy, but recently, she’s been trying to get me to eat a bunch of sweets and candy and stuff. I can’t tell if she’s being affectionate, or if she’s trying to fatten me up. I don’t know what to do…

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Maybe you should ask her what she is doing. We have no way of knowing.

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Ask her, upfront. Risking your health isn’t worth it.

Edit – Fatten her up & tell her to chase herself.

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What’s the deal here? Do you not want the sweets? Then say so. It’s not like you have to take everything she offers just because she offered it and you don’t want to hurt her feelings or something. If she can’t take a no, what kind of relationship is it?

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You don’t have to worry until you see her out shopping for a bigger oven!

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When dating a girl, she asked me to gain about 20 pounds. I wasn’t skinny skinny. She just was pained by my boney hips.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. RUN!!!! And run hard and quick! Don’t pass “Go” don’t stop to count the donuts JUST RUN! Or tell her you are more into nuts than candy amd potato chips etc.

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Is your name “Hansel”, perchance? 0_0

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Tell her your thinking about going on a diet and see how she reacts :)

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Does she weigh more than a duck? Burn her! She’s a witch! ~

OK, OK, honestly? Just say no to the sweets. Simple.

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Maybe she has a subconscious need to nourish others/loved ones, as if that’s when she knows she’s doing a good job or something.

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I’d worry and be very careful if she asked me to bend over and look at something in the oven….

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Interesting; of course I would have no way of knowing her motivation.

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I clicked on this to see the Hansel and Grettle references, I leave satisfied.

I don’t think that she thinks you can realistically be fattened up to be chubby. My guess is that she is probably just trying to be nice. But she would have to feed you an awful lot to want to fatten you up. But if she is…don’t leave your food unattended…. she’ll sprinkle sugar all over it.

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Relationships ARE fattening, I always gain weight in a romance situation, shit all the cooking for and with each other, movies and ice cream, more cocktails, going out….dating IS a fattening experience. lol

My last relationship was with a very nicely built guy who loved ice cream…I gained about 7 lbs. in 4 months…I stay in much better shape when I am single. haha

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Been there. Just enjoy it.

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You guys aren’t cannibals or something, are you?

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Is she Italian? Cause right there is case and point. Thats what happened to my grandfather.

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I kind of understand where she’s coming from. A little meat on the bones isn’t a bad thing. What she’s doing is pretty creepy, though. And you were already skinny when you met, right? How can she complain- if she’s a chubby chaser she shouldn’t have dated a skinny guy!

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I take quite a bit of offense at most of the answers on here. I am a female chubby chaser, and I don’t consider myself to be a freak or a witch. You know, people don’t exclusively have to lust after Abercrombie and Bitch models. Liking your boy or girl a bit on the bigger side isn’t a bad thing. It’s no different than being partial to redheads, tall people, or big breasts. It’s a personal preference. As for your girlfriend, she might just be trying to express her affection. She may just want to show you that she loves you by giving you sweets. Maybe she is trying to fatten you up a bit, but she’s not trying to eat your or endanger your health. I would try to talk to her personally about it. You might work some stuff out.

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@Repo_the_Genetic_Opera Lemmee just point out, Witch isn’t an insult. Just sayin’

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If she leads you to the basement and drops you down a hole and tells you “put the lotion on or you will get the hose again” you know it’s too late.

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After reading this, I pictured your girlfriend rubbing your belly and grinning devilishly. How mature of me.

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@Arp, I’m not trying to say that “witch” is an insult. However, it is not necessary for the topic. Chubby chasers are not cannibals. Thank you.

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I love it. Where do you kids get these names?

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I talked to her.
She simply freaked out and said “no” a lot.
I think she wasn’t.
Unfortunately, I still gained some weight >>

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Dude, just saying, @Arp, Chubby chaser has been around a while.

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It puts the Joe Dirt in the hole??

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Wow. I almost cried reading how terrible some people can be. I am a woman who likes my men a little on the chubby side, and my boyfriend is a very slender dude. I have a habit of handing or sharing food I have with pretty much anyone around….your girlfriend could be like that, and trust me, it isn’t linked (at least in my case) to my preference, its actually something I picked up from my mother. Oh, and candy will not fatten you up, so don’y worry. Carbs and lard fatten you up, eating a piece of candy won’t do anything.
Oh, and to the people who asked why she would date someone skinny the answer is so simple: she loves him. I love my skinny rail of a boyfriend, and I know he likes his body thin. I would never go against his wishes and his metal health. I love him being happy. Why wouldn’t blackmageboy’s girlfriend?

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