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How long can the post office hold your mail?

Asked by AshlynM (9655points) April 29th, 2010

I heard it was 30 days, but what if you don’t know when you’re coming back or need it to be held longer?

I mean, 2 years is a stretch, but what if u needed to be away for 5 months?

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Vacation holds typically have a 30-day limit. But you can go beyond if you get approval from the station manager of a city office or the postmaster of an associate (small town) office. I very much doubt they’d approve a five month hold though. If you are going to be away for an extended time why not just put in a temporary change-of-address order?

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My daughter has her stateside mail delivered to her next-door neighbor in Providence; she has been in BC for over two years.

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Go to one of the mailbox services and get an account. They will hold your mail for as long as you pay them to, and forward it to you when you will be somewhere for an extended period.

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(Thinks that there’s finally a question that @AstroChuck can sink his teeth into.)

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That information is on

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AstorChuck has probably the best answer, but wouldn’t some of your bills come due in that 5 month span ??? Private mailbox services will charge you a monthly fee, in addition to a remailing fee, and then if you ever want to leave them you will need to pay them again to send you your mail.
The USPS will do a temp forward for up to 1 yr ( 6 months with one renewall).

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I would like to know how long can I hold someone mail

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