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What does this information tell me about my internet connection?

Asked by liminal (7761points) May 1st, 2010

I am having trouble listening to Pandora on my computer. I keep getting a message that says I do not have the suggest 64 kbs. I have no problems with things like hulu or youtube. The pandora faq suggested I run a speed test and a ping test and received these results:

Speed Test Result

Ping Test Result

I have no idea what this means or what such information should lead me to do next? (Pandora seems silent on what to do also)

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Your speed test results indicate that you have more than enough bandwidth/speed to listen to Pandora.

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@Brian1946 Grrrr, now I am even more frustrated with pandora. Thanks for the answer.

Anyone have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

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Do you have a link to Pandora?

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This might be a stupid suggestion, but have you tried opening Pandora in a different browser? What browser are you using now?

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@xxii I am using safari. I also have firefox, I will go try it there. Nice idea!

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@liminal – Great. Let me know if it works.

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@xxii I am having the same difficulty with firefox. sigh. Thanks for the idea though.

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It’s not your connection, and it’s not a browser issue. That suggests to me that the network is congested – maybe Pandora is exceeding its bandwidth allocation, or there’s lots of local traffic around the Pandora servers.

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@the100thmonkey ah, that makes sense. thanks!

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