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Do you think modern music takes less talent to create because of the advancements in technology?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

Since people can use computers and software to create music and even fine tune their voice (such as Apple’s Garageband), is true musical talent going down the drain?

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no way, not at all.
i mean if you’re listening to a lot of major labels, sure. well, maybe.

but i can name so many artists fjd;afja dude how’d you even come to think that’s possible ha.
you need a dose of Sigur Ros

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no. I listen to all genres of music, from Bach to hard Techno. I love techno because I get a kick out of how the separate repetitive simple beats and sounds are woven together to make an awesome groove. This led me to mixing. Many people say “simple, a computer can do it”. False! It takes talent to do it. The instruments have changed, thats all. My point if view!!!

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Possibly, but in which case the quality of the actual music should increase. The people who are passionate about music and make good music will still do so and, if anything, the quality of the music should increase. I think that rating music based on the talent of the artist instead of its quality is a bit pretentious.

At any rate, if it now requires less talent to create music, then the standard for good music will rise and thus the quality of said music.

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Good point neonez

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It is an evolved talent, you still have to be musically talented to use an artificial device to engineer something as technical and mathematical as music, but it’s a different kind of talent.

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Its definately easier for people to create music now. Almost anyone can pick up on a program fairly easy. So sorta… Like everyone else here says though, the ones who are passionate and have the talent for making music will set themselves apart from the heard. Its easier for some to slip through the cracks with the whole “being able to fake it” deals going down these days.

Also, I think it varies by genre as well. Some is easier to pretend than others.

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I think Bach & Beethovan would have been thrilled to have all the modern technology available today.

They used the technology available to them at the time.

Thinking people are less talented because they have better tools to create is absurd.

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Is it easier to create music? Yes. Is it easier to create good music? No.

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It also takes different skills.

@andrew: I’d disagree. It’s also easier to create good music, but there is vastly more bad music out there than good music.

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you get out what you put in- simple as that. And define “modern music”, I mean – everything is so eclectic…. You either like what you hear or you don’t, and if someone doesn’t like the music you put out- it may be because you didn’t put much into it. Also, just because a majority of people like it- doesn’t mean that you did put a lot of time into it. Its a two way street. Another one of the great things about music today is due to the fact of modern technological advances that allow us to express what we are feeling through music more fluidly- or allow our creativity to be more pronounced and reach a wider variety of ethnic backgrounds, cultures etc.
Besides, it takes a lot of equipment to make music sound good- and we all see and hear/ percieves things differently

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oh yeah – and define talent. LOL

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I guess the whole reason im asking this is because I believe that many people use the music business nowadays as a way to just “get rich quick” and be famous rather than being in it to make good music. And they can make fairly decent music just by throwing some cool beats down and
adding some lyrics.

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I worded my question wrong, I meant is it easier to get into the music business because of technology, not necessarily make better music

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It’s definitely easier to get into the music business because of technology. Why, in the 19th century, people who wanted to get up on the stage and sing in front of people had to spend years taking voice lessons, and kids these days just use microphones!


Yeah, it’s a lot easier to get into music. You used to need to spend years training your ears and developing musical technique; now you can run some stuff through a sequencer and sample some older songs, and you’ve got something to sell.

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@redman: I agree that many people do it for the money. However , part of the prize-is the price. A large majority of the music industry is focused on making money. The record label is like a sponser. Of course they will provide a studio for you to record! They ate using your ” talent ” to make money. They don’t care what real music is. “talent” to them is the statistic majority of people who listened to that song that week.
one hit wonder
real music makes itself. Its either there, or its not. Just because you can sing or play an instrument, doesn’t mean you can’t neccesarily create good music.
Its a process, like painting or photography-or designing a dress.
And even though- technology doesn’t always get your foot in the door- music is a people business

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“ate” should be “are”

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I think you could argue that it now takes no talent at all to create modern music and make a fortune doing it. If I think of all the really talented musicians in my CD collection and I mean the truly talented the best of the best and they are less successful making their fortunes and many times are the hired gun in the background playing the licks for some mindless front-man or latest pop-tart singer.

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Good music is no more. songwriters have run out of ideas and it shows, since more and more of todays artists are re-recording the oldies of the 50s and 60s.

I am a drummer. i have been for many years. here is a good example, concerning your question. for years, real people and real drums were used to make recordings in the studio. then came electric drums and electronic drums that keep the beat without a drummer. these two electronic wizards lasted about four years. people began to realize that fake is fake and there is no way around it. now, real drummers and real drums are back in the recording studio. and, thank God for that. real talent is priceless. my granddaughter made a comment that i love. she said, “pappa, i love the oldies music that you play at home. those songs meant something. todays music is just a bunch of noise and i hate it”. what else can i say? out of the mouth of babes comes the truth.

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