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Whats happened to the Four Seasons?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 3rd, 2010

Not the weather, the vocal group that had truly great songs like, Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Walk Like A Man? i love those songs and i have every song ever recorded by The Four Seasons. So, is the group still together? do they still have concerts? are all the members still alive? can someone give me an update on The Four Seasons?

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I thought you meant the hotel!

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Last I knew in 2008, Frankie Valli was touring the country with a whole new cast of backup singers, the only original guy is Frankie, which is the main voice anyway.

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Their story is a big musical now, Jersey Boys.

My favourites are probably Let’s Hang On! and Rag Doll.

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Yeah, where are the Candy Girl guys?

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