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How much can someone like you if they re-gift stinky colonge to you?

Asked by Pandora (27946points) May 4th, 2010

Is it possible they just think all your stuff is stinky and so you won’t notice, or are they secretly trying to sabotage you?
Everyone at one point will get a gift that you think they had to be out of their mind to give you. I get clothing or little decorations, but cologne or perfume is really different. Personally, I would throw out stinky colonge before passing it along to someone else. Even if they liked it, I refuse to punish the world with such a bad smell.
So if someone gives you cologne that stinks, does it mean they don’t like you?

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I know quite a few people with really really bad sense of smells. I would never ask their opinion on scents as they like the really strong ones which they can actually smell. Maybe this person just has a reall bad nose. I wouldnt take offense to it at least they gave u something! its the thought that counts really.

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Well…. different people like different smells, so it might be unfair to thnk it was a deliberate thing. I would, however, have issue with being given a gift that was second hand, so to speak.

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It’s the thought that counts, don’t be so material.

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It was probably someone needing a gift at the last second. Shit, one Christmas I was so desperate that I gave my sister a framed picture of me and her kids. It was a picture of hers that I swiped that was in this cabinet in her dining room. She pretended to be happy at the thoughtful gift while the family was around. Later in the afternoon we took shots and laughed.

I love my sister.

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I like to think that someone has gone to the trouble of buying me something, no matter what it is. It shows you were being thought of, whether you like it or not.

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I actually know this person has a great sense of smell and their own colonges smell awesome. I would rather tell someone I owe them a gift than give them a smelly perfume. I don’t mind things like the huge bright orange pants I got once. It was amusing for many years, or even the last minute christmas key chain holder I got for christmas from my son. Again, these are things that you can laugh about. But stinky cologne is just an offense to your senses. I guess one can carry it incase you come up against an animal and spray it on their nose. They will either tear you to shreds or run like hell.
@Arp, I usually think it is the thought that counts. However, how thoughtful is the person if you know they have good taste in cologne but no doubt is simply passing along a gift that was given them. I feel its like saying, I’m too good for this but you probably would like it because you have no sense of taste.
@johnpowell LOL, See, that, would just make me laugh.

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Times are very tough for a lot of people and gifts are a optional expense many cannot afford! Take what you get and send a thank you card!

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@Cruiser, This person is far from hard times and the gift wasn’t necessary at all. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just wondering why do people give others gifts that they don’t want themselves when they know they wouldn’t wear it in a million years. Actually because times are hard, I’m the type of person who wouldn’t give something to someone I feel they would just throw in the trash. It would simply be a waste of my money and maybe offensive to the person I gave the gift too.
Gifts never need to be expensive. Hell, I would get more use out of a t-shirt.
I guess if I knew this person had a bad sense of smell than it wouldn’t bug me, but I know they do not. So I just wonder is it they simply just wanted to get rid of it or are they saying I have bad taste in cologne and would appreciate it. Just so you know. It smelled like moth balls. (of course you have to wonder about the manufacturer as well. LOL)

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“So I just wonder is it they simply just wanted to get rid of it” That is your best bet. Or they are cheap or lazy.

I would just remember to gift it back to them next year or manage to spill the bottle on their couch.

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@johnpowell LMAO, I love how you think. :D

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@Pandora I kinda thought that would be the case and what can you say when a person does something so bizarre to bequeath you with recycled foul cologne?? I wouldn’t blame you if you re-bottle it in a designer bottle and give it back to them!! (yep that is what I would do!)

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@Cruiser Yes I agree entirely GA

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I don’t think it reflects the person’s personal feelings for you, it just reflects their priorities and good gift giving isn’t one of them. I have received “tacky” gifts from people who I know like me.

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Re-gifting is not acceptable here, unless there are surrounding circumstances. example: a friend of my wife and i is a college student and very close to the both of us. one Christmas, she was flat broke and gave us a gift that she had received from someone else. the value of the gift made no difference to us and she advised that it was a regift and not to think badly of her. we never gave this a thought, because it wasn’t the gift, it was the fact that she cared enough about us to give a Christmas gift. regifts are acceptable only under certain conditions.

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@john65pennington True. I don’t mind in a situation such as that. But the gift wasn’t necessary at the time. No, xmas or birthday or any kind of holiday. And they are not broke. It wasn’t even some sort of gift exchange that left them feeling they owed us something quick in return.

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Pandora, could this have been a joke?

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The thing about perfume is that it smells different on than it smells in the bottle and it smells different on every person. Just because you don’t like the perfume you’ve been gifted doesn’t mean it won’t smell completely fabulous on someone else. I’m part of a community that rather vigorously swaps perfumes around. It’s a lot of fun. The community is such that I really wouldn’t think twice about sending off a half-full bottle of perfume as a gift. Especially it was a limited edition or rare perfume. If it was a gift, I would be all the more likely to regift it if it didn’t work out—because the other option is to sell it and selling something someone generously gifted you is just tacky.

The perfumes made by the company I use are not for everyone. There is a strong sense of “enabling” friends—a lot of people like to gift the perfume to friends or family to get them into it, but a lot of people just won’t ever see the light re: this company. I could really, very easily see the other side of this story showing up in the forum under the thread for failed enabling. Even though you think it stinks, the person who gave it to you may genuinely love it and want to share it with you.

So I guess what I’m saying is that you may be jumping to conclusions re: regifting and they might just have wanted to spark your interest in something they enjoy—in this case perfumes.

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You have no idea why someone gave you something, so don’t worry about their motives. If they meant to be malicious or they really don’t like you, similar behaviour will show up in other interactions and you’ll know what to do then.

As for the stinky gifts, thank them for thinking of you and toss that shit.

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Full honesty!
Tell them their gifts suck and advise them they need to try harder to win your favor.
That’ll keep you from having to accept gifts in the future.

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I’m wondering how you knew it was re-gifting? Well, anyway, you should tell them that the scent they gave you isn’t something you feel comfortable with. Thank them for it, and hand it back.

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@john65pennington If it came from my brother. Yes, it would probably be a joke. But this person is far from funny. They are the type of person who can laugh at a joke so long as its not in the least about them. And dislikes comedies.

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