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When considering the purchase of a new car, are there any objective advantages/disadvantages of choosing white or red that you can think of?

Asked by bob_ (19685points) May 4th, 2010

So, I’m getting a new car. Yay!

I’m getting a white Mazda 6 (with tan interiors). However, my mom and my brother really like the red one, so now I’m having second thoughts. Do you have any advice? That is, are there any objective reasons you’d go for either color (not just “oh, I like the white better”)? Comments would be much appreciated. Oh, and if it makes a difference, it gets pretty hot where I live.

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Ohh, they’re both lovely. I personally love red cars. My first car was red, and it didn’t affect me getting pulled over more (that was my silver car)
We had a white car when I was younger, and it gets dirty very easily. Bird poop is not friendly to white cars, and it seems to attract them.

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White cars are everywhere. I would go with the red.

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When I was a kid, I used to work at a car wash.

The white paint on cars typically doesn’t hold wax (or clearcoat) as well as darker colors. Metallic paints are the best.

When washing a black & white police car, the effect was very noticeable. We called it “rag drag” because when we’d be drying the vehicle, our cloth rags would slide easily across the black paint, and then suddenly drag on the white.

Without decent protection for your vehicle’s finish, it’s going to get dirtier faster and also the paint will wear out much quicker.

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Red cars always make a statement.
I think it’s different for different people, but red always say something to someone.

I think that was a pretty stupid answer wasn’t it?

I like the red one.

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RED…....i’ve a red BMW…really like it!

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Usually I would say red right away, but I don’t like the mazda red, so I would go with white. White would be better for hot temperature/climate, right?

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You’ll look fly with the red one.

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@jfos Oh, I hadn’t thought about the temperature. It gets pretty hot here. I’ve updated the details.
GA’s all around!

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White cars are a pain to keep clean! You will be washing it twice as often as the red!

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Definetely white. the color white reflects the heat of the sun much better than red. and, red seems to oxidize much quicker than white. no matter what some people may tell you, the color red is more recognized by the police and insurance companies.

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I say go with blue.

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I echo the statement of @john65pennington re: red being a cop magnet. Red is also more expensive to repair in case you needed touch-up on the paint job. It also needs to be kept clean as dirt really shows on the red.. .

I would go with white, and if given another option, would go with brilliant metallic silver or comet grey mica.

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I find the red doesn’t look really dirty, even when it is. Both red and white cars are highly visible, as opposed to gray and black.

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I love my red car! From what my insurance agent has told me, as long as it’s not a sports car, your insurance doesn’t go up. White cars are a pain to keep clean.

Also, this may not apply for you, but you can’t have lipstick that matches your car if it’s red.~

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depends on the colour of the local birdlife’s droppings…red will show up more… white not so bad unless the droppings are dark then everything would show

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We purchased a new Mazda 6 on Sunday. We couldn’t decide between the copper red or the sunlight silver.
After much thought we bought the sunlight silver.
We live on a very dusty lane and thought the red would show the dirt more.
(We had a black Mazda 6 before this new one and it showed up every bit of dust).
So I would suggest a light coloured Mazda. Hope you enjoy the car as much as we do.

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If you’re 90 and moving to Florida, definitely get the white car ;)

jk, but i personally like red cars. white is boring. and there are a zillion white cars. though i’ve heard white cars a lot easier to keep clean. but i’ve only ever had red. and it didn’t get very dirty looking either. so again, get the red. plus red is a foxy color.

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The only time red is an advantage over white is in the middle of a blizzard. Get the color you like.

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scratch what i said, i like bright red, not the red that that mazda is. white!

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@deni Is there an echo in here? =D

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@jfos shhhhh simmer down

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@deni Psh ya na fi tell me simma down now.

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Candy Apple Red. Otherwise Red looks cheep.

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I’m with @ChazMaz. Unless we’re talking about red interior/carpet. Then I would appreciate a darker red.

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RED DOES NOT LOOK CHEAP! shame on you. my wardrobe consists 95% of red shirts. You’re calling me cheap?!!?!?!?!? gasp, sigh.

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Red seems to fade and look dull.Everybody has white…
I would go with black.—Everybody has that too.It just looks better—Turn the air on ;)

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Red cars go faster.

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We are talking about Car color. Not clothing.

I luv my red shirts. And I bet you are one sweet lady in red!

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I’d go with a gunmetal grey metallic.

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@ChazMaz Reminds me of that 80s song… By Chris de Burgh.

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Red cars are like like beacons for tickets. So it really depends on if you are willing to put up with the higher insurance rates and possible suspended license (depending on how you drive…)

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@deni Pics or it never happened.

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Red cars are easier to see at dusk and dawn and on overcast or hazy days. Red will not show dirt as easily.

I received three tickets in my white Sentra. Not one in my red Escape. Just saying.

Red and white are very different – go with the one that fits your personality.

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White cars keep cooler on sunny days, Red cars attract the police. I know because my car is “arrest me red”.

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surely Bob has bought that car by now!

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@BoBo1946 More like by the end of the month XD

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I am seeing a common theme RE: red cars and police attention/insurance premiums. Call me clueless but how come? Why do red cars attract police attention over other colours in the same make and model of vehicle?

I think red (especially metallic darker shades) look shinier when clean. I often think white cars have a matt finish effect. The light doesn’t seem to shine off them so much making them appear plain.

I’ve always wanted a Mazda 6 but I personally find black with chrome really sexy. Then again, I don’t live in an excessively hot climate either.

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PS: What colour is the interior of the red one? Tan would be soooo wrong in the red one dude!

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It’d be tan, too. It looks bitchin’ and you know it :P

The other option is black. Looks very eh-ish.

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Red + tan! Ewwww! Then again, my taste probably shouldn’t be trusted. I put shimmery silver racing stripes on my black Suzuki Swift… giggle.

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black is always nice. do that instead.

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@deni I’m not wild about it.

Besides, I’d like to keep my options open for the future. Don’t they say that once you go black…?

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you never go back. its true. good point. save the black for later.

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Red cars get more speeding tickets, but are easier to find in a parking lot.

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Seriously though guys, why do red cars have more speed related stigmas? I am genuinely curious and clueless.

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Hey, check it out, y’all: according to, red cars are not ticketed more often.

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my vote, white or black…both look good Bob!

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I think that red cars attract people that like to drive fast as well as the police that try to stop them. I speed from experience, my car is bright red (with gray leather interior for those that mentioned that they always come with tan) and I like to drive fast. The local and various state police have acknowledged that fact in the form of speeding tickets. I was also the oldest guy in the class that had to retake the drivers test. The “kids” that were with me had mostly red or black cars.

I also had a white car that crapped out at 25K miles but I didn’t get any speeding tickets.

So there you go, that’s all I have to say.

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< < has driven a bright red vehicle for over 10 years now. Zero speeding tickets. And I definitely speed.

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Update: leaning red.

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Update 2: I’ve made up my mind. Red it is.

Thank you all again for your input XD

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YAY! Red one :D

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Congrats, @bob_!

BTW, while I haven’t gotten any speeding tickets (yet) in my current red vehicle, I can tell you the color of the vehicles in which I have gotten ticketed:
– navy blue
– light grey
– beige(!)
– light gold/champagne

Purely anecdotal, I know.

Before my wife married me, she used to drive a white Jeep Wrangler. She got pulled over by the cops all the time, just for “warnings” (more likely to get her phone number).

Enjoy your new red Mazda!

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@robmandu Thanks! I haven’t actually bought it yet, but now I’ve made the decision about the color. I hope to have a third update by the end of the month XD

Funny about the Jeep. Can’t blame a man for trying!

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I want to see pictures when you get it Bob!

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@Rachienz Of course! XD

I went to the dealership yesterday and I took a picture of the demo car, which is red. Wanna see it? XD

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Hey, I hadn’t noticed, you can see me reflected on the car. Well, kinda.

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@bob_ – Ahhh, and you even got your leather interiors (if your car is the same as the demo that is).

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@Rachienz It will be, yes XD

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Anybody wanna go for a ride?


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Usually with lighter colour cars, the insurance premiums are lower, because they’re easier to see and pose a lesser danger of causing an accident than say a black car would at night time.
White is really really really boring though IMO (sorry, hehe), because every second person has one.

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Oh, oops, i see this is an old post already, hehe.

Yay for the new car! :)

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