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What Inspires You?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) May 4th, 2010

What is the thing that is most Inspirational to you and why?

There are books I love that gives me the most inspiration I need to move on with my dreams, but sometimes it just isn’t enough any more. Inspriation is one thing that you can’t ask for it to come when you really need it, it comes on it’s own saying you can’t control me.

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Good people that do good things and think in a progressive and modern way.

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Nature inspires me the most.

Next, it is brainstorming an issue with colleagues.

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Kids. Little kids and their wide-eyed wonder at everything we take for granted – coupled with their easy acceptance of the world around them.

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Art and my girl. She’s my muse.

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My mom is my first inpiration, grandmother and father, mom’s siblings, and ofcourse my step-dad<3

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Last minute panic, usually. >_>

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My Kitten, my Wolf, & nature.

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The world, how really beautiful it can be if you just take the time to look around. and listen. especially at night.

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Nature….Mother Nature…and Bond.James Bond ;)

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The innocense of children (including adults that are handicapped) inspires me, because I had great teachers who were sensitive to my own childhood curiosity.

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@Ranimi23 inspired to give you a lurves to put over 1,000!

Seriously, never really needed inspiring….the inner drive has always been a part of myself !

Having said that, my family inspires me…to make them proud!

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How amazingly God created every living species on the planet. That inspires me.

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@PacificToast Amen my friend!

When i look at a “little bady” that comes out of the womb, there has to be a God in Heaven!!!!!!!!!!...

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People inspire me a lot when they do something creative, it makes me want to do something creative to. Music and other works of art inspire me as well as nature.

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My boyfriend, with his sense of ambition and confidence; my dad, with his work ethic and principles; my dog, with her infinite well of joy, love and curiosity.

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Brilliant creativity and smart ideas totally inspire me! Great music, beautiful art, simple great inventions and a child’s playful discoveries are life’s cocaine for me!

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Deadlines and coffee.

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flowers, tree, sun

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I Am my own inspiration…do I win the narcissism award now? like @DarkScribe and @YoH said, the innocence of little children. It’s so inspiring and I see their qualities of innocence in myself. People inspire me, the way people live and perservere in struggles of day to day life, and the way certain people just never give up and never stop challenging the stauts quo, it makes me do the same.

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Music, poetry, good stories, staring at the moon, looking at my kids; these are the thing that inspire me to be a better writer, a better mom/ person, and sometimes just to have a better day.

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I never have a lack of inspiration. Its all around me every moment of everyday and even in my dreams. Generally, you can find inspiration in just about anything or especially everything. If youre open and receptive then life itself will inspire you. Specifically, you cant force yourself to be inspired by any one thing. You just have to take it where you find it in whatever form it comes. Not to say that its in short supply or hard to come by. You just have to look for it. You must not lose your interest, your curiosity, your ability to be fascinated or your sense of wonder. And if you find yourself running low on inspiration, you have to be willing to search out new experiences or avenues of thought.

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My own drive.

The accomplishments of past people, both brilliant and not.

Wanting to please my family.

Small things people do each day for others.

Some random lines from TV shows, movies and books.

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Being appreciative for ‘what is’...and, the possibilities of ‘what may come’.

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There are a ton of things that inspire me. God, the bible, an excellent movie, the universe, children , good deeds done by others, laughter, smiles, sunshine, moon light, the ocean, animals, my dog, my family, music and even quiet.
But behind it all. What inspires me, is to be as happy as I possibly can till the day I die.
So if I really had to name it. I would say death is the biggest inspiration I have. =D

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Music is my main source of inspiration. It can evoke evoke things in you that you never knew existed.

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