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How are your walls decorated?

Asked by Sarcasm (16758points) May 5th, 2010

What do you have on your walls?
Are they painted a nice lavender, or have they been given a wallpaper? Are they obscured by photos of you and your friends, or posters of your favorite band? Are they hidden behind rows and rows of books? Do you have tribal masks, or maybe some old school vinyls hanging? Have you got vases of beautiful flowers lining the walls?

Have you kept them minimalist, with a nice white paint and no decorations?

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I painted my walls pleasing colours that go with my furniture. I have carefully selected handicrafts and framed prints on my walls. It is an eclectic mix that expresses our sense of style.

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I have a pretty diverse theme, my living room walls have a big oval bombay mirror, a pair of celtic drums, a metal panel sculpture, two carved asian panels, several other carved panels, an asian themed portrait, and a huge modern canvas with an oceanic theme. I am painting an accent wall a metallic bronze/gold soon.

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Our walls are all white because we are in military housing and we didn’t feel like having to paint twice. Whe have curtains on all our windows and pictures in each room. Some of the pictures are of family and friends while others are decorative. Once we are done with military housing and have our own place, we will paint the walls too.

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I’m a painter (the art kind) so all my walls are painted by hand by me, with a brush, because I like the texture. It’s not “textured”, it’s not faux anything, I just like the texture of brushwork, it’s a little softer than rollering. Ceilings too. I have sculpture on the walls made by living artists, and a lot of original prints ditto, and some of my own work. All of this changes pretty regularly because I have a collection that’s much bigger than I wish it were.

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living room yellow plants keyboards original art
drums dijembe and talkin drum


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White walls (used to be seafoam green), with a Bob Marley poster, and two pieces of artwork; one is the Japanese symbol for prosperity, and the other is an artwork with the words to the last speech at the end of Midsummers Nights Dream with fancy colors and shapes. I have two large windows, two closets, one wall mounted lamp. A desk, two bookcases and a bureau are up against the walls. I have a cloth shoe holder/rack thing hanging on one of the closets. I have white blinds on the windows.

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Hmm… I think I know what inspired this question. :P

Most of the walls in my house aren’t painted yet, because they’re old crumbly plaster that needs to be repaired first. Only two rooms are painted. The game room is kind of a coffee with cream color, and the kitchen is green. Both of those rooms also have some rustic wood paneling, raw wood with no finish on it.

There is a wide variety of stuff hanging on our walls. Everything from swords and axes to family photos, baskets, art work and a shelf holding a collection of antique baby cups. I have a pretty big bookcase cram packed with books on one wall of my dining room (which I use as my office), with hopes to upgrade to wall-wrapping built-ins, making the entire room a library/office.

I am definitely not what you’d call a minimalist. ;-)

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Nothing but off-white paint and a Bob Marley poster.

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@jazmina88 How do you get keyboards and djembes on your walls? Sounds like quite a trick. Or are you not taking this literally?

Does the OP mean walls per se, or should we include how a room is decorated, generally? I mean, stuff on shelves or mantlepieces—does that count? What about objects sitting on the floor? Furniture?

What is actually on my walls in my living room: five paintings—mostly abstract but one is allegorical; One Asian mask and two African masks; a picture I took on our honeymoon, and an artistic picture my daughter took.

If you count the mantle piece, there are several glass dragon sculptures, a group of elephants carved from a soft stone; two Indonesian puppets; a Lebanese shawm; a hand thrown and glazed pottery vase; and probably several other objects I can’t remember.

If you count the floor and shelves: handmade Amish table lamps, handmade wooden music stand, stacks of audio cassettes, various hand instruments (including handmade fancy artistic cowbell), slit drums, djembe, dumbek or two or three, a few dijeridus, various wind instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, recorder, etc), a brick and sage patterned, hand tied Persian rug, a couple of antique slipper chairs, an antique sewing machine, another rug of unknown provenance (probably asian), and a large, smooth, ocean-carved green stone from the Bay of Gaspe.

I’m not going to go through every room in the house. What are you? My insurance agent?

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Sarcasm asking questions about wall decorating!? What’s next?!

All the walls throughout the house are cream coloured. The only difference is my lounge room is a dark green shade. So cooling…

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They are blank. I need some artwork, but it has to be big. And, I have to love it.

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We have beautiful gentle blue walls strewn with pictures, shadow boxes (Godson’s Baptism), a chalkboard and prints done by myself, Hubbs and other artsy friends of ours.

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In the space of my flat where I spend the most time, there are pumpkin-coloured walls that I painted myself littered with different photos of me, my friends, my family, me and my friends, me and my family, places I’ve been, a Beatles poster and a framed Tube map.

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Neutral color with tons of cool paintings and vintage art.

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I have artwork of nature. I like bringing in the out doors. I also have a huge japanese decorate fan about 5 feet wide open.

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Our walls are a soft yellow. We have a lot of artwork and family pictures on the walls.

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Well my apartment at school I can’t paint any color which is sad, but on my walls in my room alone are:
Valentine’s Day Cards I got, The Vetruvian Man, A white board, Marilyn Monroe pinup calendar, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Meditative Rose, a Glee poster, A large owl place mat, a painting my friend did, a cherry blossom wreath, a large Marilyn Monroe poster, another smaller poster of Marilyn and this decorative art thing my friend gave me for my birthday last year.

All together pretty eclectic.

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I’m living at my parents currently, and our sons room is their old guest room, so it’s a dark brown..we never bothered to paint it. He’s got a pirate theme going. Our room was painted a muted dark green, sort of moss-y. It’s a lovely color. We never put pictures up.

We’re moving in less than two weeks. I doubt we can paint, but for mother’s day I asked for all my picture frames to be filled. I have lots of them but have always been too busy to fill them and put them up. I want lots of pictures of my babies smiling on the wall. And I want to decorate our half bath, and dining room…not sure what theme yet.

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Tip for those who live in a place you can’t paint- colored electrical tape can be placed on a wall and usually won’t leave a mark when you take it off gently. If you put it up at chair rail height it looks like you’ve painted a stripe. Works great to use white on those horrible beige apartment walls.

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@IBERnineD Love the Dali (Rose).

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Not sure if you can see it, but, here’s one wall.

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Well, unlike @Sarcasm.. I don’t live in a prison.. so my walls are covered.
I have a large section of one wall that has shelves full of Star Wars stuff. That same wall has some action figure boxes tacked to the wall.
There is a section of stolen street signs. There is a section of hooks so I can display all of my belts. There is a section of picture frames that I change the pictures in every so often.
There is a collage of artwork that have quotes about music and James Dean/ Bob Marley quotes.
There are sections of my walls devoted to bands, actors and a little shrine to LOST.
There are 4 bulletin boards covered in concert tickets.
There are random paintings that I made.
My curtains are old batman sheets.
My walls are actually grey, while doors and trim are hot pink.

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Drum circle party!

I have a djembe, celtics, navaho, conga, and a burkina faso bendre

I don’t wanna work, just want to bang on the drum all day! ;-)

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@Coloma I have a cajón. Can I come too? :)

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On my roommate’s side… some of her original art, family photos, maps of Austria and some art museums. On my side… a poster of a grey wolf, a poster of Singapore’s cityscape, art postcards, photographs of my family and home, a colour wheel, press passes from when I’ve gone to shoot some college basketball games, newspaper cuttings and photographs from Duke’s national championship win.

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I LOVE cajons!
Got to play with one at a friends gig last year, I love the brushes, chh chh chh chh, I am running out of drum storage space! lol

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I asked this question on my facebook recently, and got some interesting answers.
I like color, so most of my rooms are painted in color. This room in particular is a pale shade of yellow with white wainscoting. I also have several pieces of New Orleans themed artwork, a pitcher of tall flowers sitting on a high point in the room, metal decorations meant for outdoors (i love stuff with patina), and floor to ceiling bright white breezy curtains over the windows.

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@HTDC I know, right?
I’ve been given a lot of grief by a few other Jellies (who shall remain nameless…) for what’s on my walls.

At my parents’ house, the only rooms that kept their plain white paint were my bedroom, my bathroom, and the laundry room. The rest of the house had varying colors, my dad’s office was given a rust color, the guest room had some inviting light blue and yellow walls, the dining room had the rust color as well, but with dark dark blue ceilings.
For decoration, there are a few family photos along the hallway, and some cartography in my dad’s office (One giant poster from the grand canyon, another giant one of California).
My room remained nude.

Now I’m living with 3 other guys, all of the walls are all white. But in the downstairs, we have various posters. Sweeney Todd, V for Vendetta, AFI, The Faint, Boondock Saints.. We’ve also got a long shelf in the TV room of all the DVDs.
My room remains nude. Except for the light switch that does absolutely nothing. (See this for reference)

There’s no art that I’m into, or movies/bands that I love enough to purchase a poster for. @augustlan had suggested to me last night that I put up some maps of stuff, but I couldn’t see a reason for needing any kind of map. I had been kind of hoping I’d see a post here and be like “Oh that’s awesome I need that on my walls” but nothing has inspired me yet. Way to let me down, Fluther! Gosh.

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@Sarcasm Boring. You are so boring. I’ll color you a picture and send it to you for your wall.

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@Sarcasm Come on Kevin, be honest. You actually live in a prison.

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@tragiclikebowie If I lived in a prison, you’d think there would be bars. And I’d probably have a big poster of a pinup girl. and I wouldn’t have a computer.

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@Sarcasm So it’s a white collar prison!

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@Sarcasm You could do something like this . You can make something like that out of pvc pipe, bodo and some spray paint. You could do bike parts, computer parts, basically anything that’s made of other little bits.

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My walls are mostly covered by bookshelves from floor to ceiling with books and dvd’s (mostly books). A few pieces of artwork here and there, a calendar a friend made for me, a family portrait and one with my best friends from a trip we took earlier this year. My walls are white as per my lease.

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I’ve got one wall a rich red, and the others a dark-ish peach. I’ve some art of mine posted on them all. I also have a framed print of the Serenity Prayer. A shelf of CD’s and books lines the red wall.

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I have no room for anything to hang on my walls, as every wall in my house is covered with shelves, storage cabinets and bookcases. I do have pictures and windchimes hanging from some of the shelves, and I have placed a lattice room divider in one corner with my t-shirt collection hanging from it.

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Family photos.. can’t really go wrong with them!

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