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If you were to change profession for one week, which would you find the most rewarding & which the most stressful?

Asked by ucme (46643points) May 5th, 2010

Jobs apart from what you do now that you would find either good, enlightening, interesting. Or bad, stressful, boring, intimidating.Purely hypothetical of course.

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Airline pilot.

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The most rewarding? Probably teaching. Opening a young mind to knowledge is a helluva awesome job.

The most stressful? Probably teaching. Attempting to open 20–30 squirrely, recess-and-playtime-wanting young minds to knowledge has got to be extremely stressful

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I would love to be the Captain of a research vessel for kids! The most stressful would be a Chip N’ Dale Dancer!! lol!

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I guess I’d have to answer “God” for both responses.

Thank That that it’s a Social Q where I might be able to get away with that without moderator damnation.

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@Cruiser Yes, it would be trying to wear a thong while duded up like this every night that would be the killer, I’d reckon.

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@aprilsimnel Actually a thong would be all you would want to wear as those costumes look like they would be awfully hot inside them! :))

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President of the USA!

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I think I picked the most stressful one to study out of the choices I was contemplating some few years back, but originally I wanted to be a mortician and run my own funeral parlour. Thing is I’m not really business oriented and I’d probably fail and go bankrupt, that’s if I didn’t become a coke head before.
I also don’t have much of a sense of compassion for the more delicate part of this profession, and I realized that what interested me were all the technical issues like embalming, so here I am in the medical field now, or, at least, trying, anyways.

But for a day I’d run the funeral parlour if I could, and see if I’ live a decent posh life with a Porsche and noon meetings with dudes wearing stovepipe hats wanting to sell me coffin models and funky urns.

That, or a jungle explorer. I always wanted to do that.

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I would like to be a high school science teacher. I did a year of that and came to really appreciate my students and enjoyed seeing them progress.

As for a stressful job, I would hate to be a Arizona State Policeman. I don’t think that I could spend a week profiling and making up reasons to investigate people that look Mexican. In the mean time I would still be expected to do the regular job of protecting the people of my state.

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I’ve always fancied being a turkey inseminator. Most stressful for me would be a bull semen extractor.

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I’d work in a book store- not owned by a huge chain for the good, and sales of any kind would be too stressful.

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Most rewarding – teaching arts and crafts to young children
most stressful – teaching sky diving

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Hard-to-find video store owner. You meet the most interesting people in those.

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@AstroChuck There must be a job for you in the porn bizz after all! :D

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