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Does anyone put mayonaise in their hair? If so, why?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) May 5th, 2010

A couple of my friends wanted me to ask this. I heard it makes your hair softer. But it smells funny!

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I’ve never put mayonnaise in my hair, but I have used other food products. It works as a conditioner to moisturize and keep your hair shiny. A few people have said the smell kind of sticks, though.

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Ive heard that its the raw eggs that help your hair, anything high in protien like that i expect would work the same. and the oil in it would make it soft – ive never used it but i can see it working. the smell would put me off using it though.

if you want a good hair mask; now and then i put babyoil in my hair overnight, plait it so that it doesnt get everywhere then give it a real good wash out in the morning it makes it lovely and soft.
my housemate is cheap and uses olive oil but again – who wants to smell like a sandwich?

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Olive oil isn’t a cheap product to use. It is very good for your skin and hair. However, a better hair oil would be avocado oil or just plain mash up some avocados and keep it in your hair for a while. The closer to nature, the better for you.

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@tragiclikebowie sorry i meant veg oil. or maybe its sunflower. its real cheap whatever he uses i dont get y he doesnt just buy some conditioner or something that makes his hair smell less like chips

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Ive used it…the oils moisturize your hair. It is stinky, but I’ll wash it out with shampoo and it doesnt smell afterward.

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