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What would be a scene from a movie that would prove popular if you & your family/friends acted it out at say a party or social gathering?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 5th, 2010

Funny or action packed, dramatic or artistic, which would go down well with an audience of your peers?

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Okay crowded house here give a guy some elbow room.Let’s get this show on the road woo woo hurrah roar.I’d have the scene in Blazing Saddles, oh you know the farting around the camp fire bit, yay!!!

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Probably many of the scenes from The Breakfast Club. Several friends and I watched this movie so often that we practically memorized most of the great dialogue.

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The OD/adrenaline scene from Pulp Fiction.

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@Bluefreedom Good choice @aprilsimnel Pass the magic marker!

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Whose animals are the smartest, the cleverest, the most photogenic and own the most Nogel and Pulitzers. Fade to knock-down, drag-out fight amongst family members.

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You can always liven up a gathering of my friends by faking an orgasm ala When Harry Met Sally!

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My friends and I sometimes reenact some scenes from the 1985 film Dawn of the Dead. It’s our party movie when we’re drunk and it works fine, I’ve seen it so many times, and two of my friends have sat through it with me more than enough times…they’re not so much fans of zombies, but they like some of the intense dialogue scenes, so we always fuck around and reenact the one scene where Steel is mocking Miguel and then Sarah just jars him or the scene where Captain Rhodes (Who’s role is given to me since nobody can say the word ’‘fuck’’ as well as I, haha.) declares his tyranny on the complex.

So, I’m taking those two scenes as an answer.

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@Symbeline I’d buy a ticket to that show.

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It would have to be from Life of Brian where Brian tells Pilate that his Father’s name is Biggus Dickus.

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the MOCK yeah ING yeah BIRD! yeah. yeah! YEAH! scene from dumb and dumber. actually my brother and i could probably do the entire movie easily.

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Reservoir Dogs’ opening scene
dick dick dick dick dick dick dick dick

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This one…. for sure

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Oh that one does not have the classic final line “I am your wife- I am the greatest good you are evah goin to get!”

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