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Will I get sick of my favorite song if I make it my iPhone ringtone?

Asked by RexCredo (142points) May 5th, 2010

Will I get sick of it after a time and never want to hear it again?

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No!! I think you would even love it more by just hearing it a little.

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Depends on how many phone calls you get. I usually get sick of my generalized ringtone.

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Yeah probably so!

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It would make everyone around you sick of it. Why inflict it on other people?
Quiet vibration is the by far the classiest “ring tone” there is. It shows courtesy with a hint of professionalism.

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Whatever you do, don’t set your favorite song as your alarm signal.
I did, and i hate it now.
<<Hates to wake up (early).

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@rebbel – Ah, classical conditioning…

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