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What's the thickness of a "slub cotton" t-shirt?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) May 5th, 2010

I’ve been looking online for a new v-neck t-shirt, and I’m starting to notice them all being “slub cotton.” I kinda have no idea what that is. Is this material thicker or thinner than regular cotton?

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When the fiber is spun unevenly it results “slubby” yarn. When that’s woven into cloth, you can see the thicker parts as well.

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Most of the slub cotton tees I’ve seen lately have been quite thin, and can be see-through in spots. That’s not necessarily true of all slub fabrics, but I’d be especially leery of ordering one online without being able to see it in person first.

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To my way of thinking, it usually means beware of thin, weak sections of fabric. I wouldn’t buy it without seeing it first.

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