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With its financial woes, is this a good time to visit Greece?

Asked by Marissa64 (19points) May 5th, 2010

I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Greece, but wondered if this is a good time or bad time to visit there?

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Well, some protests have turned violent. If I were you, I’d hold it.

Then again, you never know what could happen anywhere, so if you really want to go, I’d think that the touristy places wouldn’t be at risk.

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Here is a discussion on the various aspects of this issue from Fodor’s Forums.

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I will tell you in 16 days, because then i’ll return from a two week stay in Greece.
Tomorrow i will fly, that is if the air traffic controllers are not on strike again/still.
One thing i read (in a Belgian newspaper) is that the Greek government, to lure more tourists, is getting rid of some taxes, more specifically the ‘departure’ – and ‘landing’ taxes.

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My daughter is on a flight now going to Greece. She will have 2 days in Athens. I’m a little worried about her.

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Greece is so marvelous. It was never very expensive—and I have wondered how they could fit into the European model—but as long as there aren’t massive strikes and everyone is not depressed because of the taxes, you can take a chance. I think they need tourists—so you can feel like you are doing something good. It will be interesting to get the reports from those Flutherers who are visiting.

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I am on the Msn with my Greek girlfriend right now, who, herself, is chatting with her friend who was in the march in Athens today.
Obviously he is very sad about the things going out of hand terribly.
I asked my girlfriend if people, like your daughter, who are traveling to Athens need to be worried.
She tells me that those protesters (some of them) are attacking government institutions, banks, etc.
They will not attack or harass tourists, and if she will stay away from Syntagma neigbourhood (that is my suggestion) she will be okay.
I understand your worries though, my mother most probably would be worried too if i would go to Athens (which i am not, i will go to an island) even though i am a grown guy.
Be good.

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Others may suggest otherwise, but when you know there are problems in Greece with violence and civil unrest, why would you take a chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Use this time to plan your trip…do extensive research and have your bags packed! When things have settled down, go…have FUN…and, you’ll be able to relax into the moment much easier.

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@rebbel Thanks, I was hoping it wouldn’t be so much around hotels. I watched the march on the news, and I understand and applause peaceful marches, but now some yahoo ruined it for them.

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Not to menshion it’s CRAZY expensive.
Right now it cost less to go to China, thats where im goin!

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I know first hand about it all. It will not be dangerous, especially during the summer period which is usually a very quiet period in Greece. The recent events were unfortunate reactions to the government’s strict economic measures and the fact that the IMF is putting very much pressure on Greece. Sad that innocent people always get the bad end of the deal. Anyhow, Greece is a pretty safe place and if you visit islands particularly you will be 100% safe.
Prices will be lowered to attract tourists as this is what Greece so desperately needs now.

Enjoy yourself if you go, it is well worth it!

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I recently moved back to the U.S. from Greece. I lived there for 3½ years. If you’d like an OBJECTIVE opinion about the pros and cons about visiting at various times of the year, please send me a private message. As for visiting right NOW, I would absolutely not. Where I lived in Athens was on a street down in the center, where literally all the riots would go on in front of my home. I am very familiar with the mood of the city during times of turmoil and know that protests and demonstrations can halt EVERYTHING at a moment’s notice. This means your flight might get canceled as you are flying in. This means you might not be able to visit ANY sites or museums. This means you might not be able to get around on any public transport. If you need to go to a bank for any reason, you won’t be able to. And shopping? Forget it! If you ask me, May is a wonderful time; the weather isn’t TOO hot, and it’s not overrun with tourists; IF things are more stable next month. But with everything recently, (I mean seriously, the airport has been closed too many times to count in the past few months because of strikes) it’s just not worth the risk.

Greece IS typically a very safe place. However, from personal experience: never go anywhere alone at night. Especially if you are a woman. A friend of mine were walking around the Acropolis at night with her baby, and a man started arguing with her about her dogs, and threw her on the ground and started punching her. he then pulled out a knife and said he was going to stab us. I started screaming for help, and I was waving to people nearby (this was the Acropolis, mind you, there are TONS of people around there), but no one cared. No one helped. I called the equivalent of 911. Got a busy signal. Called the tourist police. THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH. (the freaking tourist police!!!) So I called the regular police and I had to BEG the operator to send a policeman out. She refused to do it! SO yeah, if you’re in a jam, don’t count on your fellow brethren to help you out. Just saying, tourists are usually ok, they love tourists. Tourists are treated MUCH better than regular foreigners there because you spend a lot of money. Although, if they keep closing the airport, they won’t be letting them in, and doing nothing to help the horrible economy. Guess that doesn’t cross their minds? Anyway, I am sure that my opinions of the place will make some people very unhappy, (keep in mind, I am a freaking Classicist, and even I have a negative opinion about the country now) so it may be best to converse about this in private.

I don’t know who said it was inexpensive… I don’t think we were in the same Athens. ;) I know it was much cheaper BEFORE the euro, but now? whoa.

I’m not sure about the islands being absolutely 100% safe. Remember that boy that was beaten to death on Mykonos a few years back? Any place has the potential for danger, just keep your wits about you, don’t go around alone, and carry some mace for good measure! :)

So, definitely if you are going and want some tips about foreigners getting around there, I’m game for a conversation. Also as an archaeologist/classicist, I can tell you some pretty cool (non touristy) sites to visit, if you’re into that, too. But, if you are a tourist, it’s pretty hard to avoid Syntagma completely… so just be careful.

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They seem pretty calm at the topless beaches…

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