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Lost a bolt that connects a cable on my bike and need advice...

Asked by earthduzt (3226points) May 6th, 2010

I lost a bolt that connects my battery cable to the battery on my bike.. i have a bolt that will fit but its too long. do you think and hose clamp “closed enough ” would work as a spacer and tighten the bolt and still start the bike with no problems?

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I would hacksaw the bolt until it is the right length, and then use it.

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I don’t see that it would be a problem for a very short term. After all, I once used a hair pin for a temporary replacement of a cotter pin in my car transmission. Take it to your local repair shop as soon as possible and purchase the correct replacement.

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@gemiwing yeah was thinking that also and @YARNLADY ok yeah thank you I was hoping someone would say it shouldn’t be a problem haha…yeah I just need it to start so I can take it down to the shop.

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If you use the too long bolt as is, make sure it can’t hit the frame or some other metal part that could short your electrical system. Or your cheap fix may turn into the mechanics new boat payment.

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Were you thinking of using the hose clamp as a spacer because the threads don’t go up high enough to tighten it? In that case, chopping the end off might not work. If the bolt clears as @WestRiverrat was saying it should, then the hose clamp might work…would be better if you could find something with a flat face / surface – a makeshift washer – because it wouldn’t be prone to slipping. Piece of thick rubber, you know, from an old rubbah slippah would probably be perfect. Like this (the sole part). Then again, I guess if you crank it down tight and it’s solid it may not slip anyways.

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I just love my motorcycles too much. I would have to take my car (or get a ride if the bike’s your only transportation), get to a store right away, and buy the appropriate size.

I just personally wouldn’t be able to handle it any other way!

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hey @earthduzt what kinda bike is it? (year make model)?!

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actually, i was gonna look at microfiche to find the appropriate size, but batteries are universal so it doesn’t matter. n/m.

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@mrrich724 its a 2004 883 Harley

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Wow. I’m surprised you can even hvae the longer bolt as an option. My Sportster is an 07, and I can BARELY fit the battery in as it is. the space is SO tight.

maybe b/c it’s a 1200, i don’t know. anyway, just go to a store like AutoZone (or Kragens or O’Reilleys . . . whatever you have there) and they should be able to give you the appropriately sized bolt for like a buck. But I think your solution isn’t a bad temporary fix!

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thanks all for the great advice, yeah I will just try it…just need it very temporary as I need my bike running just to take it to the shop.

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