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How do I go about buying commercial real estate?

Asked by simonedb (50points) May 7th, 2010

I have some money and I’d like to buy an event space. Any suggestions on how to find an agent or the next step of the process / how to learn more?

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Simply ask friends if they know of a commercial real estate broker or ask colleagues that they would recommend.

If not, look in the local business newspaper for lists of commercial real estate brokers.

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I can help you if you are considering the Houston area. I am a broker of 32 years with global experience though you should deal with Broker familiar with your target location.

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The first steps for buying commercial property are very similar to buying a home – find a reputable member of the National Realtor Association, not just an independent agent. Call the offices in your local area and ask to speak to their top performer, or most experienced. Make an appointment to get together with the Realtor and go over exactly what you want.

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If you do as @YARNLADY says, and you find personal recommendations from friends and family etc. from your searches, then you should be off to a good start! Do a little homework, get a few recommendations on those who you are looking into, and you’re on the right path! Or, if you’re willing to give out personal information (where you live per say) then just ask the Fluther community

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