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Why does my laptop do this sometimes and how can I fix it?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) May 7th, 2010

It’s a crappy old Dell Latitude D600. Every couple of days or so, I’ll be typing and clicking as normal, and suddenly I can’t click on anything. The cursor will still move, but it doesn’t allow me to actually click. Nothing happens when I try. BUT- if I click off of the screen, onto the desktop, it’s fine for a few clicks. Then it goes back to not being able to click. Then, it’ll go back to normal after a while.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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How long has it been since you cleaned your computer? I mean internally like a disk defrag, clear cache and cookies, all that jazz.

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Hmm, well I’ve only had the computer for a year, and I did all that when I got it- it was a hand-me-down. I just removed some programs that were on it that I never use. Perhaps I’ll have to defrag again? How often should I be doing that? I also don’t download music or anything on this computer. I basically only use it for online.

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I’m not sure that even is the answer. My little brother is a computer guru. Half the time he comes to fix my computer that is what he starts with and what works. I really don’t know how often it should be done, only that when you are having “problems” you should do that, update everything, and scan for spyware and viruses.

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what “screen” are you clicking off of when you say you click on the desktop and it starts working again?

Does the hard drive light start flashing a lot when it doesn’t accept your clicks?

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@mrentropy The browser screen. If I drag the page to the side a little when I first open it, and let some of the desktop show, I can click on the desk top to “refresh” the ability to click. Does that make sense? There aren’t any more frequent light flashes when I try to click.

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When a computer totally locks up, it’s usually very serious. However, yours is not doing that – the mouse till moves.

I used to get a similar symptom on my netbook when it was running Ubuntu. Ultimately, the cause was the disk – a small SSD – being overwhelmed by the amount of data that the OS was trying to write and read at the same time. I think this is what @mrentropy is getting at – hard drive activity.

What’s the operating system?

For the record, in my opinion, a Windows drive should be defragged at least once a month.

I’d also second what @RedPowerLady suggested – clear your internet cache; if it’s too large it will cause a laggy browser.

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@ubersiren Yeah, clearing the cache may do something. What browser are you using?

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Get a knowledgeable friend to show you how to do maintenance on your system. You need to know how to do it regularly. Backup your important files too.

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@mrentropy Firefox.

@Dr_Lawrence I can get my husband to do that… he’s a programmer and usually knows his stuff. I just hate to bug him with computer stuff when he’s been working on one 10 hours a day, you know? I thought I’d try asking here first. Should I need to clean/defrag it out even if I rarely download something? I use my computer for nothing but internet. No documents, no music/video, nothing else.

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In the Start menu (or its equivelent in whatever OS you’re using) under the Mozilla Firefox entry there should be a “safe mode” that you can run. Run it and see if it still does the pausing bit. If it stops pausing, disable all your plugins and add-ons in regular mode and see if the freezing stops.

Oddly enough, my mother has the same problem with Firefox but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

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@mrentropy Ok, I will try that. It happens so sporadically that I won’t know if it actually helps for a while. Sometimes it’ll go a few weeks without happening. Thanks for your suggestions!

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