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Have you ever been hornswaggled, bamboozled and/or hoodwinked?

Asked by lillycoyote (24815points) May 7th, 2010

Just finding a way to use some of the goofy words I love. But really, have you ever been defrauded or conned? I’ve been ripped off, but have never been the victim of a con or serious fraud.

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Yep! Not afraid to admit I got taken by a hitch hiker for $5.00. Back then five bucks was a lot to a kid out of college and when I realized the dude fleeced me but good…I had to laugh at his ingenuity and wherewithal but I was pissed nonetheless. First and last time!

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@Cruiser How’d he do it? And thanks for answering. I’m afraid not too many people will want to admit to being conned.

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Unfortunately Yes. I supposedly signed up for this .99 cent book on how to grant write. Well it was a scam. They started charging me 60.00 a month. There was nothing in their contract that said they would do this. They then sold my name to another company and that company started charging me 20.00 a month. Seriously. I called them and they were an obvious scam. They could not explain themselves. They said they would send me proof but sent me some random information instead. I contacted my bank accounts fraud department and reported them. I won. It taught me a lesson.

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I get ‘taken’ with monotonous regularity. Ads for easing arthritis, skinnying up my belly, no more wrinkles, keeping my food fresh etc etc. The Slap Chop made me really sad, 2 of crap is no happy thing. Let’s not forget mighty putty.

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Man, why did I ever believe that Nigerian prince… I really thought he needed money in order to send his millions to a random stranger :(

Wait… I should be patient. It was only 2 years ago, maybe the money is on its way.

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@Arp Yes, of course it is. The Prince picked you out the 6 billion plus other possible candidates for that very quality, your patience. :)

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Not since the last time that I tripped and fell into a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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@DarkScribe Well, then, you should have known better. A Bugs Bunny cartoon is not real life.

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The most I’ve done is give generous amounts to people who claim to be in a predicament on the street. Aka “My car is just around the corner but I’m out of gas and I don’t have my wallet, can you lend me 5 dollars? I can pay you back.” I’ve never given my address out to be mailed back money, so if they weren’t swaggling their horn, I’ll never find out.

Not often have I done this, and when I do, it’s with a “pay it forward”.

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Yes, but never in a way that truly harmed me. I choose to trust people until they show me they aren’t worthy of it.

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@kekeke I’m the same way. And a little slow on the uptake sometimes too. It took me a while to realize I was being accosted by the same guy every week, on my way to my car after work, whose baby was always sick, who always needed money to get transportation to Philadelphia to get his perpetually sick baby to the doctor. Duh!

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