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Cutesy pet name suggestions for significant other?

Asked by efritz (3240points) May 7th, 2010

My partner recently complained that I don’t have any “names” for her, but my mind is a complete blank. I’m not very good at this – all I could come up with was “kittenwhiskers” and “sugartits”, but she didn’t really respond to those. Any ideas?

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My son nicknamed his daughter Kittles, after the candy. she is a sweet child.

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Dont call Her “Muffin”.

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Pookie, sugar, honey, bunny, sweetie, boo, sweetums, sparkles, princess, angel, beautiful, m’lady, love, pumpkin, babe, kitten, sugarlips, darling, dear, snuggle-bum, cutie-pie

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OOOoooh, does this mean you’re on your partner’s shit list? :) Pet names seem to be most meaningful when they have some context. Think of all your fond memories of your partner and your life with her. Any particular events stick out? Any images come to mind when you picture your partner in those memories?

I have lots of pet names for the ones I love, because I base them on experiences I’ve shared with the person. For example, I call my gal Ladybug because one summer in our apartment, there was an abundance of ladybugs crawling around. It made me think of a scene in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun,” in which the main character was told that if she stops searching for love and sits still, she will be covered in love like one who advised her to stop searching was covered in ladybugs. She told the story about searching for ladybugs without luck, and then became covered in ladybugs when she lay on the grass and relaxed. So, whenever I call my gal “Ladybug,” I’m reminded on this, that waiting for love is worthwhile.

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When I was younger, one of my friends said I had the eyes of a cat. They tried calling me cat but I never responded so it never took. Pick a name she most resembles.
My husband calls me baby. I call him babe and my daughter and son are baby boy and baby girl.

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I agree with @prolificus, it seems better when the name has some meaning behind it. Are there any “cute” habits she has that makes you smile. Is there something in particular that reminds you of her? Pet names don’t have to conform to the normal “honey, sweetie pie, baby, etc” (unless you want them to), they can come from anything that’s special to you about her.

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I generally go with baby cakes or cunt muffin
its out of love, really.

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I’m klnd of a fan of sweetpea. Part of the whole Popeye thing.

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Pussy mouth, legs akimbo or bouncy member are all good.Ahh romance is alive & well.

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Tbh, I’d be mad if my SO called me “sugartits.” Also, “kittenwhiskers” makes me think your SO has like a whisker(s) growing out of her face. Congratulations.. you probably just insulted your SO lol. Combine those two and call her “Kittenwhiskersugartits” haha jk!! Why don’t you stick with the basics (ex. baby, sweetie, darling, etc.” If not, take her name and turn it into a nickname. Like if her name is Sarah.. you can call her Sarbear, etc. (that was just an example) :D

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Tke her name..then add something stupid…like julia-berry or something..or just call her SHNUCKUMS haha.or nookie ^that works too

kekeke's avatar – I really wouldn’t go with Nookie as a pet name.

Some people say things like “Sugar” and “Honey” and “Baby” very naturally, and it works. Some people prefer meaning behind it – your partner might be like that. She may even try hinting at one she’d like to be called.

Examples from my own life: “Pie” – derived from the name Sophie when mistyped as Sohpie, “Fairy Shrimp” – from my enthusiasm for cute crustaceans, “Fhqwhgads” – a song I would sometimes quote. “Come on, fhqwhgads.” These are all quite silly, but with context and background they gain their meaning.

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