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Can I take an african daisy plant on the plane from florida to wisconsin?

Asked by tchristensen (7points) May 8th, 2010

one perinnial

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There’s usually a 1–800 number to call the airline and ask what’s allowed.

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Why would this be a problem? it may die by the time you get where your going. But as far as taking it on the plane i dont see a problem.

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as long as is inside the country i can’t think a reason why not, a problem could rise if for example you try to smugle a bomb or something, hahahah, just kidding :D and I don’t think it could die by the way just keep it hydrated and not in your suitcase

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I would do it only if it is also totally native in Wisconsin. I just was notified about a “noxious weed” in my yard (Olympia, WA), and when I saw it, it was a lovely plant, brought in by someone as an ornamental. Yet, it has apparently taken over many forests, and is killing lots of the native plants here. So, be careful—and check with the garden people back home. Otherwise, enjoy the plant when you visit Florida.

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I am not sure if you can take it on the plane,but I do grow those daisies (Michigan)and they are very easy to care for if you decide to do it yourself.

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I agree that you should call the airline and ask. Some states have regulations against bringing in plants from other states, partly for the invasive species thing and partly because of the introduction of disease and insects. When I drove out here from WV, I had my little apple tree confiscated by the state of California. :(

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