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Is there a way to set up a Ventrilo style Skype server?

Asked by RocketSquid (3470points) May 9th, 2010

My friends and I have been spoiled by Skype’s quality, but one thing Ventrilo has that Skype doesn’t is a dedicated server. Whenever we play a game we have to go through the ordeal of deciding who’s gonna call who, who’s currently hosting when someone needs to add someone else, and God forbid we have anyone disconnect or come late to the party in the middle of a game. With Ventrilo, you could host a server, and no matter when or where, anyone with the server’s address and password could come and go as they pleased.

I’m wondering if there’s anything out there that anyone knows of where we could just set up a dedicated server or account where the players could just call in and automatically be put into the conference call. I’d like to host this on a separate computer so they can call in even if I’m not around.

In short, is there anything that will let me host a server on skype in the same style as ventrilo’s dedicated server?

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Not as far as I know – Skype keep their servers private, I think.

You do know you can change the quality settings on the Vent server, don’t you?

Same for xfire.

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It’s actually more of a speed issue as well, vent and teamspeak seem to have a good second or two delay, skype seems much faster (which is good when a teammate starts shouting “BEHIND YOU!”.

I’ve actually found that if I create a dedicated account on my server machine, I could set that up to auto answer. Now if I could figure out a way to have it automatically add people to a conference, I’d be all set.

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