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What is your favourite way to pass time on the internet?

Asked by xxii (3321points) May 10th, 2010

I’m in an airport hotel with very little in the surrounding area to entertain myself with. I’ll be here till tomorrow afternoon. All I have is a book (which I have to ration for my subsequent plane ride/beach trip), the TV (I don’t particularly enjoy watching TV), my laptop and an internet connection.

I’m all Fluthered out, Facebooked out, I don’t have any computer games… which websites would you recommend to help me pass some time?

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On Fluther, obviously!

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Learning new things. Learning outside of school?! Crazy right?!

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Fluther, Youtube, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, science daily. The rest is homework and researching crap.

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Gaiaonline because I’m such a dork.

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Stumbleupon is great. You could also try Bloon Tower Defense.

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Flickr, just do a search for your favorite pictures – I go for Ocean Shore, Clouds, Fall/Autumn

Also go on virtual tours of your favorite places/museums.

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Wait, you’re at a hotel… in a room… by yourself… and you have the Internet. Really. And you’ve not Stumbledupon any guilty pleasures??!! Really.

Grub Hub – because you’ll need to eat eventuallly
Yelp – in case you want to venture out

Books & Movies
The Online Books Page – Free
Project Gutenberg – Free
Book Army – book recommendations, book clubs, etc.
Netflix – small fee, streaming movies

Bloggers Choice Awards

News & Reference
Fox News
Alternative News
Alter Net
Online Newspapers
Online Magazines

Sites Listing Top Websites
PC Magazine Top 100 Websites of 2009

U.K.‘s The Guardian / Reader’s Choice
100 top sites for the year ahead
The 100 essential websites
100 top ALTERNATIVE sites

Social Networking
www.Facebook.combecause I like to know the lastest news of my friends. And, yes, I’m over age 30.
List of Social Networking Sites

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@prolificus LOL… really broke that down huh?

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@Blackberry :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P and :-P

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@prolificus Haha…..No I liked it, very thorough :)

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Netflix instand viewing (TV & movies)
(TV & movies)
Fluther (duh)
Mah Jong (shoe shopping)

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Yahoo! Spades (I’m addicted) / / / Last.FM
YouTube: Mr. Diety and Chad Vader are good, and there are always more discoveries

I also like logic puzzles, but I don’t have a site bookmarked to deliver now. They’re easy to find, anyway.

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Fluther, Livejournal, Tumblr, a couple of special-interest forums I’m a member of. Then I log into Second Life and play that for hours :)

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Read cases on the Supreme Court website. It’s fun….really!

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