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Is the smell of cigarette smoke on clothes very noticeable?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) May 10th, 2010

As in after you’ve had a smoke, finished it etc and you’ve gone elsewhere, is it really easy for a non-smoker to detect?
Is it really easy to get smoke smell in your clothes, and how near does the person have to be standing to you to be able to smell it? How long does it linger?

Only reason I am asking is that my teacher, he was able to smell it on me this morning, yet I didn’t notice it myself.
What does it smell like to you?

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A non smoker can smell cigarette some from quite a distance. It not only sticks to your clothes but also your hair and skin.

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It stinks. And I’m a smoker. I carry around a fresh fabric softener sheet in my pockets, and I will run that over my clothes after I’ve had a cigarette… it really does an AMAZING job of camouflaging the stink from the smoke. Also, wash your hands with soap & water real good.. that helps.

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As a non smoker I can tell you the cigarette smell is noticeable when the person has just smoked a cigarette. It doesn’t really bother me unless it’s a very strong smell. I use to go to a tutor who smoked like a chimney and I use to come out of his office smelling like cigarette. That was very uncomfortable for me. Perhaps you should carry a small bottle of cologne to spray on after you’ve smoked. Like I said, it’s not a big deal to me as long as it’s not an unbearable smell.

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I smoked for years and now I don’t… my mom was about 3 feet from me yesterday and I smelled it.

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I might just have a very sensitive sense of smell, but I feel like I could smell a smoker a mile away – as soon as they walk into the room. Kind of makes me gag…

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also, smoking screws up your sense of smell, aside from you being used to the smell

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I can smell it from a long ways off. I can smell when someone lights a cigarette and I can smell the difference between fresh and stale smoke.

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Yes, even in a crowded classroom, if someone walks in having just smoked, I can smell it, very distinctly.

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To a non-smoker it is extremely noticeable and off-putting.

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Yes it is. I find it very hard to work closely with students who are smokers.

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I used to smoke and can smell it a mile away.

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My secretary doesn’t smoke but husband does and she reeks when she comes to work. I went into a marina/tavern for 5 minutes to get bait and came out stinking big time! YUCK!

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For a smoker, it must seem like non-smokers have ESP.

Because we can smell it on you. Hours later. And from far away. Well beyond your ability to detect it.

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Yes, and it smells like crap. I do not like smokers.

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Even the most considerate of smokers leave a trail of offensive stink. I would guess that washing one’s hands and lysoling themselves would help…but, I can still smell it.

Also, it leaves a film on electronics.It can coat some parts of computer or sound equipment and cause overheating.

It is said that an addiction to tobacco is worse than heroin. I’ve never tried either, but there’s still a lot of folks who smoke. I guess they ignore all the obvious health risks.

When I was in high school, there was a poster in a girls restroom of an old haggard woman…looked like she’d been run over by a bus and stayed there. Huge bags under her eyes and a lit cigarette drooping out of her mouth. The caption was, “Go ahead and smoke.”

There was another sign that said, “Kissing someone who smokes is like licking an ashtray.”

That did it for me. Never tried.

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It is a lot more noticeable than smokers seem to realize.

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I can smell smoke on cloths or the person very easily. My eldest son’s best friend’s family has 3 smokers. Anytime he goes over there I make him change and wash his cloths, the smell is that bad.

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Now, what would your parents have to say about that!?

Also, yes, “very noticeable” is about right.

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i’ve never smoked and i never will. and i hate the smell, so maybe i’m more sensitive to it than others, but i can smell cigarette smoke very, very easily as well. my roommate can smoke half a cigarette out on the porch and i will come home hours later and it’s the first thing i notice. so gross.

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Stinky, stinky, stinky. I can smell smokers even when I can’t see them in stores, on the other side of the shelving.

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Smoke is sticky, and yes a nonsmoker can smell it on a person. That’s why they make smoking jackets. You know… those things Hugh Hefner wears.

But nonsmokers definitely can smell it on smokers, because it’s so stuck on their clothes and right arm.

Like that waiter at a certain Denny’s I’ve been to, who reeks of both cigarette smoke and cologne. Whenever I go there, I tell them he’s not allowed to serve me. The cologne is even worse than the smoke

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My boyfriend smokes and the smell doesn’t really bother me. I can smell it on his hands and faintly in his hair and clothes, but I like it. It’s like, his smell. I sit outside with him a lot when he smokes and he does it while we’re walking. I kinda like the smell of cigarettes, it’s only nasty if the scent is old and sitting heavily in one’s clothes. He doesn’t smoke all that much, so I guess it’s not overwhelming.

@MissA “Kissing someone who smokes is like licking an ashtray.”
False. Unless he’s just had a cigarette, I can’t taste it at all. And even then, it’s not that bad.

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Oh yes. I was ridiculed in school for being the stinky smoker kid. My mother smoked (and still does) and it would stick to everything.

Story 1. A friend of mine asked to borrow some sheet music, so I brought it into school for her. She brought it back to me at lunch and said, “I don’t want it; it smells like your house.” That’s when I became self-conscious about having people at my house.

Story 2. My first high school boyfriend had me over for dinner to meet his parents. They were very nice, and even made me meatless spaghetti sauce because I don’t eat beef. The next day at school, he said they wanted him to break up with me because I smoked up their house. We sneaked around for a while longer, but it didn’t work because he wasn’t allowed to go out anywhere with me.

There are other stories like these. I hate to smell it now that I’ve moved out. Smoke = dirt ball to me. It’s gross.

I’ve said too much.

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My mother is a two pack a day smoker. I hate visiting her because I know I’ll walk out of her house smelling terrible. I usually need a shower and a change of clothes after visiting her for several hours because the smell is stuck in my hair and clothes. I’ve visited her for just five minutes once and I still smelled like smoke 20 minutes after I left her house.

I’m an ex-smoker. I haven’t smoked for 7 years now. When I smoked I didn’t notice the smell. Now that I don’t smoke I can smell a smoker from several feet away. hate it

@kheredia No cologne! That’s like trying to cover up poop smell in the bathroom with air freshener. You just end up with a flowery poop smell. ;)

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@jonsblond Same here. When we get back from visiting my mom, we all strip at the door, throw our clothes in the washer, and take showers.

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The only thing worse than the smoke smell is the smoke smell combined with cologne! Don’t do it, I beg you!

Funny this came up. I just got home from picking up dinner for the family. I sat in the bar waiting for the waitress to bring it and two guys were smoking outside on the other side of the window from my seat. My clothes smelled like smoke the whole way home. It is unbelievable how easily cigarette smoke can get through cracks.

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@ubersiren I was a stinky smoker kid too. My friends would always say I smelled like smoke. :(

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Oh god yes. It sticks sooooo much. Whenever I hang out with people that smoke, I then have to go and take a shower and really wash my hair (sometimes more than once) and wash all my clothes.

@MissA Here’s what I want to know: I have kissed my share of smokers, and while it does suck, and you can taste the ash, I have never once thought that it tasted like an ash tray. Mainly, because I’ve never chowed down on an ash tray. So who is going around making out with ash trays and then making out with smokers and going “oh, honey, you taste just like my morning makeout, the ash tray”?

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I can smell smoke off my daughter from about 25 feet away. It doesn’t go away until the clothing gets washed or dry cleaned. Nasty smell.

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@ubersiren and @jonsblond I had a couple of “smoker kid” friends growing up. The stink always made me crazy, but I never once thought about how it must have made them feel. Big hugs ladies!

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Yes. Very. I smoked for 16 years, and quit in 2005. I can tell when someone has smoked very easily because my sense of smell is much better since I’ve quit.

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Being a smoker kid is the worst. Thank goodness I only spent Friday nights at my mom’s. After I went home on Saturday, the smell would smack me in the face once I stopped being surrounded by the actual smoke. Interestingly enough, just a few years later, I’d be smoking myself. Kids are dumb.

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The smell of smoke follows smokers around like a cloud with the aroma of someone who got skunked.

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Yuk especially if its cold out

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Oh yes, if you are a non-smoker you can trace it from a mile away. It gets stuck everywhere on clothes, hair, curtains etc. Especially if you have an acute sense of smell…..whoa….

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I’m afraid so. It stinks. I used to be a smoker and never noticed. Then when I spent time in the company of my smoker friends, I’d have to wash my clothes straight away. It’s bad

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Yes. Especially in elevators. But we can live with it and should be glad that smokers are required to leave the building to smoke a cigarette.

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A wide range of aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and ketones continue to be expelled from the smokers lungs for many hours after smoking. A regular smoker will literally never stop expelling these compounds from his lungs. So, the rest of us can smell you a mile away, even if you shower and change into clean clothes.

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