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Is there a dictionary where you write a word and it it tells you where it originated from?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) May 10th, 2010

For example, where did the word extict come from?I’m only looking for the dictionary not that particular word. THANKS:)

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Here’s the origin for extinct: Origin:
1400–50; late ME < L ex ( s ) tinctus put out, quenched, ptp. of ex ( s ) tinguere to extinguish

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Most dictionaries provide etymology. Use a more sophisticated dictionary if yours doesn’t. Maybe the kind where it is made of paper, and you turn the pages to find stuff out.

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Oxford English Dictionary Online –

Bear in mind they charge for the pleasure however your library or college may subscribe and allow you acces (mine does).

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@Lightlyseared You beat me to it. Most dictionaries include a brief bit on the word’s origin, but the OED is the quintessential resource on etymology.

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Thanks people today i learnt something. Was also searching for it and found its also a dictionary

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