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What is the best way to make cuttings from an overgrown geranium?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) February 11th, 2007
I have a geranium that was my mother's before she died. It's really important to me. But it has gotten so gangly that I would like to cut it back before I repot it, and use the cuttings to start new plants. But I don't know at which point on the plant would be the safest for the original plant and also the best place to cut off the cuttings. Where on the old plant is the best place to cut?
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Really easy. Just find a springy greenish piece at the top (stay away from the woody bottom parts) cut off w. knife (I just snap them off) and stuff in a small pot of decent soil. I have been milking the same few geraniums for years. If there are flowers or buds, cut them off, and strip off all but 4-6 small leaves. If leaves are giant, cut them in half w. scissors.. An old HS biology fool-proof experiment. You might even be able to root leaves..but use dirt and not water. I let mine sit in a sunny room that gets up to about 70? when sun is actually out.
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As for pruning, just hack long as the area where you cut has a green soft interior, which means that the stem is alive. Dead ones are typically brown, woody and fiborous. We have umpteen generations of a little amaryllis bulb found in my great-grand pops dirt basement 60 years ago. There are progeny blooming all over the world, from the bulblets. Good luck. Nice to have something of your mom's to keep passing on.
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*I meant to say that I snap the geranium cuttings off w. my finger - very cavalierly, I might add.
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I was just checking my ger. collection. I am overrun; all from cuttings (or snap-offs. I will probably toss some.

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