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What were the Toyota recalls for?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11657points) May 12th, 2010 from iPhone

I just bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla. The salesman assured us the recall had been taken care of. Was the recent recall for the 09 Corolla? Everyone keeps bringing this up to me. I’m getting tired of having to defend my new car! Any information is appreciated. I’d like to put my mind at rest that I’m driving a safe vehicle.

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Here and here are some of the recalls. Best thing to do is look at what the recalls were and ask the dealership you bought the car from for proof that those issues were taken care of or checked. There should be some kind of paperwork showing that they did what they needed to do for the recalls.

Edited to add: When you look at the details of the recalls, it tells you what the dealership was supposed to do to remedy the situation. Ask for proof of that.

If you go here you can enter your VIN on Toyota’s site and it will tell you which recalls are specific to your vehicle.

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@trumi If I wanted an answer from google, I wouldn’t have asked fluther. I’ve already tried doing a google search. I was searching through page upon page of info. I wanted a more personal response. So thanks, but no thanks.

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I would not worry for one second. Toyotas are fantastic cars, the Japanese care a great deal about reputation and quality. The recall means they have taken care of any problems. I saw Mr. Toyato, the owner on Larry King and he seemed determined to restore the integrity of the Toyato name which would mean ensuring nothing else goes wrong. He admitted that by growing quickly possibly they put their efforts on profit and overlooked some concerns, but will not make that mistake again. I know people who have worked for Japanese companies (not car companies) and they said the emphasis on customer care and customer service was intense. After having been to Japan myself, I believe it.

You may be too young to remember back 30 years ago when American cars were catching on fire and breaks weren’t working, and the car companies knew about it, but decided paying the families of people when things went wrong was less expensive than fixing the cars. The American car manufacturers did not want to do anything. This was the same time Japanese cars started to really eat up market share in the US because the cars were so reliable. Toyato seemingly had not made a financial decision in this case, but had not taken seriously enough the reports of malfunction (and neither did our government watchdogs who oversee this type of thing when accidents happen) Toyato was unable to reproduce the malfunction, and to this day has not been able to, but has replaced the parts in question in their recalls.

The problem was with the brakes I think?? Or, the cars excellerating, I can’t remember, because there were people who made up shit to try an get money who got publicity. Like I said I don’t think you need to worry at all, but just remember the tips from driving school for losing your brakes or uncontrolled excelleration, which are good to know anyway, any car can malfunction this way, but it is very very rare. You can put your car in neutral without depressing the brake, Driving from side to side while in neutral if no one is next to you will slow the car faster than going straight, if your brakes are not working and you are going below 40 you can put the car down into 2 or 1 gear to slow the car, and as you get much slower eventually use your parking brake to come to a final stop.

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The recalls were about uncontrolled acceleration. Some people have claimed their cars took off and they couldn’t slow down. The Toyota engineers haven’t found anything they could pinpoint as the problem with those cars. They changed the design of the pedals I believe. Audi had a similar problem years and years ago that turned out to be a physical design problem. The gas pedal extended too far to the left and people were hitting the gas when they thought they were hitting the brake. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s an issue here. It seems the issues have not shown up lately, so I wouldn’t be worried about the car. Just remember to be careful with the pedals for awhile to see if that was an issue.

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I think they wouldn’t stop. Last I heard, they didn’t know if it was a computer problem or not. Maybe they have fixed it, but I would certainly do a thorough check to find out.

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I would not worry a bit.. you bought one of the best appliances ever made.

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