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Need a somewhat simple movie editing program for PC?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) May 12th, 2010

I am wanting to purchase a video editing program to use on a PC for my students. It needs to be somewhat simple, but not too simple (like Windows MovieMaker) that it cannot function with large projects. What have you used?

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Have you tried the updated Movie Maker? Upside is that it’s free, I don’t personally know how good it is or not but your other options like Sony’s Vegas Pro or Adobe Premier aren’t exactly cheap.

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Check here. It’s the top ten. If you had a mac I would suggest iMovie. It’s pretty sweet. But yeah that site should be pretty helpful.

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Try Avidemux. It’s open source and free. Get it at source forge

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Pinnicle is super easy

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I agree with everyone above. The two best programs for beginer editors for the PC are Adobe Premier, or Sony Vegas. I would recommend that you look into Adobe premier instead. I believe the program is a bit simpler than the Sony Vegas program. The benefit with Adobe is that you can also purchase other adobe products and they will all work interchangeably with one another. i’m not sure what grade, or class you’re teaching, but you might be able to expand as the years go by on the lesson you’re working on if you go with the adobe products. It’s also a great company, their tech support is superb, and there are many tutorials online that you can find for all of their products. Many of their programs work in the same manner as one another so it is simple to step from one to another. Overall great program, i recommend going with adobe premier. Good Luck!

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Seriously, Movie Maker is free, and I used it for years.

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