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Juts curious what is the best date you have ever been on (keep it pg to pg 13)?

Asked by whothei0 (218points) May 12th, 2010

curiosity killed the cat again. what was the best date you have ever been on? what did you do or was it just being with the person that made it so great. feel free to tell us your dream date or any other thing along the lines. remember keep the answers pg to pg 13, nobody wants to here how you did “it”.

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My best date was when my husband and I were dating. We went to Annapolis, Maryland for a weekend. He took me out to a fancy restaurant. We were both dressed up (me in a little black dress and him in a nice suit). After dinner, we walked around Annapolis a bit (that was the first time I told him I loved him) and then went back to our hotel (which was the nicest hotel I’ve ever been it).

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My best date was with someone I didn’t have very strong feelings for. We went out to the far side of Belle Isle in Richmond, Va. It’s a big wild park that used to be a POW camp, and the middle of the island is totally terrifying and probably haunted at night. The other side of the island is rocky and perfect for bonfires. We started a small fire out there, drank a 6-pack of beer and roasted marshmallows. There were lots of other people out there with bonfires, so it was very bright and festive. Also, I signed the lease that day on a house with three of my friends, and it was my first time doing something big and grown-up like that. Later, my friend Pat (who was a huge pothead) called me to tell me he was hiding from the cops behind a bush on the center of the island. So my date and I had to go looking for him and giving him a ride home, and I made fun of him big time and called him a cock-blocker, which made both guys uncomfortable.

I had a lot of fun that night. It was the combination of the outdoors, drinking, adventure, and comic relief… it was just a hilarious experience, looking back on it. My date and I finally made it back to his place hours later, and he had some candles still burning in his bedroom. I guess he wanted me to come back to a candlelit room. Smooth move, dude!

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My best date was the one year anniversary with my girlfriend. We went to a secluded beach, had a picnic, and sat up late into the night talking. I have always preferred dates where we can just be with each other, rather than having something else take the focus (such as a movie).

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My current bf and I went out as platonic friends a couple times before we started dating. We’re near New York City, so there are many options. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of art and spent a very casual day chit-chatting about the art, people-watching, went to a nearby restaurant for lunch, and back to the museum. In the evening, we strolled through Central Park to the West side to an Indian restaurant for Dinner. It was very relaxed and the environment provided us with things to talk about.

Another time we went to am all-day charity concert. We got there early and got a great place to sit. Again, there was a lot going on to keep us busy… the music, all these people coming and going, and yet it felt like we were alone in our corner of the room. This was the day that I knew I wanted to be more than friends with him.

Our first official date started at the USS Intrepid Museum and then to see a movie and dinner afterward.

We still like to go explore different places and exhibits in the city. Museums and similar environments provide plenty of conversation pieces, and you can set your own pace. As @FireMadeFlesh points out, movies take away from the conversation… unless you go out for dinner or dessert afterwards and want to discuss the film.

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I can’t honestly think of any date I’ve ever had that was exceptional… they have all been pretty run of the mill. Suddenly I feel very deprived.

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I’ve referenced my trip to San Diego last July many times on this site, but it really was quite significant. It started out as a trip of two friends going down to SD to meet some friends who were visiting grandparents. It ended in a relationship that is still going on to this day.

After the first day that Rory and I had proclaimed our feelings for each other and were officially in a relationship, we went on a real date (I know, bizarre to date after the declaration of a relationship, but keep in mind we had been friends long before this and we knew we wanted to be in a relationship for sure).

So that day Rory and I had all to ourselves and we spent the whole day in San Diego together. It was one of the most memorable days of my life (July 19, 2009). We started out by leaving my friend’s grandparents’ house and going to a Mexican restaurant in downtown SD (neither of us were familiar with SD. We just based it all on maps). He and I had a lot of fun just driving around the city getting to these places and talking. We then went down to Imperial Beach to see this big sandcastle-building contest that was going on. Spent a lot of time there (really nice town) and then we went back to Balboa Park and hung out there for a while just relaxing on the grass and talking. (Our friends had already left SD by then, so we knew we were going to sleep in a motel that night). The two of us then went to Coronado and ate dinner there and spent time at the beach. He and I had a really nice time there, complete with ample romance. ;) It was darker then; we headed back to downtown SD and drove around for a while trying to find a bathroom because he really had to go and there was just nowhere and all those stupid one-way streets were confusing me! After that, he and I, you know, made out in the car until we decided to leave and drive to Carpinteria where we stayed for the night. What a day. :)

That day just confirmed the fact that I was absolutely head over heels in love with him. :D

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Dinner on a yacht was pretty cool. The guy turned out to just be one of those dime a dozen OK guys, but the date was fun.

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We walked along the wharf in San Francisco, and went drinking and dancing at a small club in Pier 39. They were playing blues and swing music. That was the night I knew I had found the woman I wanted to be my wife.

btw, if you have to jut, i guess the best way is to jut curious.

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Went goat packing! lol

It was a blast!

Nice guy that had pack goats, met him at a river trail and we packed the goats with picnic fare, wine and they scampered down the canyon carrying our stuff.

Big goats and they also were great for grabbing onto the pack saddles and towing you up steep hills. haha

Got to the bottom of the river canyon and went swimming and enjoyed our wine and goodies.

A very unique date!

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I’m not sure it’s an actual date, but I consider it to be and that’s all that matters :).

Spending a few days in San Francisco, one day we decided to go out. Our first stop of course was the Golden Gate Bridge. We hopped in a cab and were on our way. When we arrived, there was no bridge in sight. The cab driver had brought us to Golden Gate Park. Oops. We decided to just walk around there. The Academy of Science was right there, so that’s where we went. We walked around and saw penguins and fish and all sorts of things. In the center there was this “rainforest” area that you could walk around in all the way to the top, we decided to go in and have a look. Well, there were butterflies inside. Yes I know this is crazy but I have a ridiculous fear of butterflies and tried not to completely freak the fuck out the whole time. It was actually quite pathetic but I managed to make it through without crying or fainting, yay!
Next we took a walk around the Japanese Tea Gardens and had some tea and these weird gooey I don’t even know what they were, but they tasted good.
Then we walked around this lake then sat on a bench and watched the ducks for a while. Once the sun was going down we decided to leave.
We hopped in another cab bound for Ocean Beach. We made it just in time to climb a giant sand mound to sit on and watch the sunset. :D
We then headed to back to the hotel for a while. I got changed into some nicer clothes and we headed to Delfina which is the cutest and most wonderful little Italian restaurant ever.
We got there and were able to order wine which was nice for being not-of-age ;) and dinner. The whole time we just kind of sat there pretty much just consumed in everything. It was really nice. After dinner we were a little tipsy and headed back to the hotel.
That’s probably the best day I’ve had in a long long time <3.

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