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What makes a good man?

Asked by meggymoo (139points) May 13th, 2010

Is it the job he does?
Is it the clothes he wears?
The way he treats his woman.

What, to you, makes a good man?

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Good man or woman…they try to do the right thing in all situations!

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It is none of those things and all of those things. It is how he lives his life, and how he treats other people.

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Honesty, integrity and maturity.

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The effort and willingness to put others ahead of themselves. Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Standing up for what they believe in yet accepting and admitting when they’re wrong. Aspiring to happiness.

There’s more than that of course, but that seems like a pretty good start for just about anyone.

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Being more like the greatest man in the world is always a good place to start.

Greatest Man in the World

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I can assure you that a job and clothing defines no one, man or woman, as good.

Decency, probity, generosity, ability to prioritize, kindness, and imperfection.

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Well I can only speak for myself so I will. Treat my wife with utmost respect, lavish love attention & affection on my wonderful gorgeous kids & cut through any pretentious macho bullshit.That’s my formula & by gum i’m sticking with it.

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@ucme Great answer, that sounds like the formula to be a great man.

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@meggymoo ;¬} You got that right!

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Someone who will lend me $5 bucks…and not ask for it back

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Whether or not you can keep him down.

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Hardworking, sober, generous and considerate of everyone and very attentive to and affectionate with wife and children. And with stepchildren, if any. I like a man who hugs and kisses his kids, both girls AND BOYS, of any age and disciplines consistently.
Where are they?

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Intelligence, kindness, following through on promises.

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If he’s hard to find.

Seriously, I would say a good man is tthe same as a good woman – there for his/her friends and family, true to his/her principles, thoughtful, caring and responsible.

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@dpworkin know where you mind is today! loll

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The same thing that makes a good woman…..

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A good man is one who is supportive, thoughtful, funny, good to his family, good to his friends, wants to do the right thing and does the right thing, will fight for and protect his family, knows when to take issue and knows when to let things go and allows the people in his life to be who they are but will challenge them now and then.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir What if someone promised something to you, but an uncontrollable situation caused them to break their promise? Would you be mad at them for promising?

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This is a trick question….

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir how could someone be mad if it was an uncontrollable situation?

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I like a guy with a good job, nice smile, wants a family and is taller then me. He has to have charm and be proper. Im not to picky but who wants a slob who makes you pay for everything. Not me!!!!! A man who doesnt look twice at another woman and is willing to stay in from here to there.

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@Aster Was that supposed to be to me? If it was, I was just inquiring because I hear from many people that sticking to promises is a good character trait as if they actually mean something. Some people feel that a promise is a contract that must be fulfulled no matter what or something.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yes. I think it’s a contract that must be fulfilled if possible.

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@Aster I’m Blackberry….lol. I disagree, but that’s cool if you feel that way :)

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@Blackberry No, given a situation (that I agree is uncontrollable) I wouldn’t be mad, obviously.

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A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.—Buddha

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I love that! :-)

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@mattbrowne as Charlie Chan would have said, “very interesting!”

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compassion, loyalty

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Trying ones best to avoid being a bad one? Trying to leave the world a slightly better place than how you found it?

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Must love cats. Not 20, but maybe one or two! lol

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Hims being Straight would be a good start.

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I think a good man is made up by the things he does everyday. Waking up early to go to work on time, so in other words responsibility, also if he is generous with his time and money (if he can afford it and for a good reason), kindness, loyalty to his woman and family.

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