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If you havent had sex, and you havent had your period can you still be pregant?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) May 13th, 2010

My friend told me that this is happening to her and shes scared. And she hasnt had sex in a while.
So do you think its possible?

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No sex=No sperm=No baby.

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Sperm had to be around her during her last ovulation cycle (which may happen without a period). If no sperm has been around for a while anywhere near her vagina, then no she’s not pregnant. What’s ‘awhile’?

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In a word, no, Assuming you’ve never had sex.

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I don’t care if it rains or breezes as long as i’ve got my plastic Jesus sitting on the dashboard of my car & I don’t care if it’s dark & scary as long as i’ve got the virgin Mary sitting on the dashboard of my car. NO!!!

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You need to define what you mean by “having sex”. You can become pregnant without having completed sexual intercourse, but you must have come in contact with sufficient semen for some sperm to have reached your fallopian tubes. If this sounds confusing, PM me and I will try to explain it better.

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She has had sex before buts if been a while that she hasnt. And she doesnt know why she hasnt gotten her period.

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Has she not ever had sex or not had sex in awhile? There’s a difference.

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How long is “awhile”?

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Awhile like 4 months

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She had sex 4 months ago and she hasn’t gotten her period ever since? Well it’s possible that she’s 4 months prego. Tell her to see a doctor or get a pregnancy test.

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I’m getting confused. Has she had her period since the sex but is just missing one now? If so, she is not pregnant. If she hasn’t had one since the sex, she should take a pregnancy test. In any case, why not take a pregnancy test to be sure?

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I’m confused too. I thought she never had a period. Let’s start this question over.
Missed a period or never had one? If periods are missed, how many?
And you can get pregnant and not have sex, by having contact with sperm. Please pm @dpworkin for that explanation as I don’t want to have to explain.

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She hasn’t had a period since around the time she had sex? But, she used to get her period, right? Um, take a pregnancy test. Either way she has to go to the doctor.

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Ok, this is really confusing so… The best course of action would be to assume she is and go to the doctor. Doctors are waaaaaaaaay more qualified to answer a question like this.

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It’s possible to have a light period during the first month of pregnancy, but I’ve never heard of that continuing for 4 months. I think your friend may be fudging a bit about how long it’s been.

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if she hasn’t had her period since she had sex four months ago i think a big huge blinking red alarm should be going off….tell her to take a test like TODAY.

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And, while you are at it. Order me a pizza.

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with sausage bacon and mushrooms? perfect i was thinking the same thing

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Either she’s pregnant or she has an irregular period. I didn’t get mine for a couple months a few times. Tell her to go see a gyno.

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Long story short: She should get tested! At the very least, buy 3 self-tests at the drugstore. If they all say “no,” she is not pregnant. If they all say “yes” or else give different answers, she should go to a doctor to find out for sure.

Like others have said, you have to be more specific by what you mean by “sex,” because it’s possible to get pregnant without completing sexual intercourse.

For instance, sperm is present in pre-come fluids as well as semen, so if a guy and girl have intercourse but the guy “pulls out” before coming to orgasm, the girl could still get pregnant.

Also, sperm doesn’t require a penis to get into the vagina – say, if a guy and girl are fooling around, and the guy touches himself and gets sperm on his fingers, then puts his fingers in the girl’s vagina, there you have the potential for pregnancy even though there was no sex.

If your friend’s vagina hasn’t come into contact with sperm in 4 months, she is not pregnant. (This isn’t as elusive as it sounds, because sperm doesn’t live outside the body for long. It’s not like you can transfer sperm through a toilet seat; or some guy jerks off, shakes your hand, you touch yourself, and get pregnant. No. So, she would indeed know if her vagina came into contact with sperm.)

Periods are an inconsistent way to judge potential pregnancy. The big thing about pregnancy is ovulation, not menstruation. Yes, the two are usually pretty connected, but ovulation is a lot less obvious than menstruation and it comes beforehand.

For instance, a girl can get pregnant before ever having had her period, because ovulation happens before your period, so if she has sex while she’s ovulating for the first time (likely she wouldn’t know it), she could get pregnant before having her first period.

Also, especially when you’re young, periods can be very inconsistent, and sometimes you won’t have one for months and months (there are many possible reasons – sudden change in activity levels or diet are the most common causes), or other times the period is just very irregular. In cases like these, girls don’t know if they’re ovulating or not and, like the girl who’s never had her period, could get pregnant.

Also, many women experience period-like bleeding during the first month or two of pregnancy – looks like a period, so you think you’re not pregnant, but in fact you are.

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You can also get pregnant by smelling various flowers. Or so I’ve read.

But no, if she hasn’t had sex for more than a month, it’s highly unlikely that she’s pregnant (she might be if she got pregnant before her last period, and still had that bleeding nicobanks mentioned). I think when you’re pregnant you can feel it. I’m a man and I can still feel if my partner is pregnant or not.

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According to every medical site I’ve ever looked, a girl/woman can get pregnant any time she has unprotected sex, no matter what. There is no truly ‘safe’ time, and even birth control pills are not 100% effective.

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@YARNLADY I disagree, but it depends on the woman and her cycle, and I guess since we are talking to teenagers here that is probably good advice, but not really true.

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@JLeslie On an individual basis, there are exceptions, but overall what I have said really is true.

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@YARNLADY You can only get pregnant for about 48 hours in your cycle. Sperm can live up to 6 days inside of a woman (although 6 days is really pushing it). That would be 8 days in the cycle a woman can get pregnant at most. If someone is irregular it can be tricky, or if she just happens to have one weird cycle the time she happen to take a risk then boom she can wind up with a baby. Many women count 14 days after their period for their fertile time, but it is typically 14 days BEFORE a period start that a woman ovulates. This mistake is made because people are uninformed. A 26 day cycle, means ovulating on day 12, so being careful day 6 to 15 should be more than sufficient. 32 day cycle means ovulating on day 18.

I avoided having sex for 2 years for 4 days a month when my husband and I decided we were ok if we accidently got pregnant, but were not really wanting a baby at that time, and never got pregnant. The first month I tried—pregnant. I miscarried. A few months later I tried, and boom pregnant. The third time it took two months of trying. In between we purposely avoided. If a woman knows when she ovulates she can guess pretty well. BUT, if someone needs to be sure they don’t get pregnant birth control is in order, I agree.

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@JLeslie and there are women who have unprotected sex every day of their life and never get pregnant – anecdotes don’t change statistics – your article is for people who want to become pregnant, but for the majority of people who don’t, no time is truly ‘safe’

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@YARNLADY Yes, for people who really don’t want to become pregnant no time is really safe. I agree with that. But, you cannot get pregnant every day of your cycle.

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@JLeslie Ah, now I see what you mean.

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Can doing drugs make your period stop?
Like extasy?
Becasue she does that alot.

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@nicobanks Can doing drugs make your period stop?
Like extasy?
Becasue she does that alot.

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We are a day later and this friend of yours still has not taken a pregnancy test? Is this thread for real? If she is pregnant she is so pregnant that stick will turn a color/plus sign in seconds. If she is pregnant and doing x she is putting herself and the baby in serious danger most likely.

I can’t follow this thread anymore.

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@smokeweedeveryday a lot of things can make your period stop, and ecstacy can do a lot of things, so the pregnancy is the least of your worries. How long has it been since your friend last had sex? And why doesn’t she just go buy a test from a pharmacy? They’re quite cheap.

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Many girls deny having sex, so I would suggest a visit to the doctor, just in case. I worked with a girl who swore she had never had sex, and her doctor treated her for an ulcer for several weeks, until it became clear she was lying.

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