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Is selling record bowls a good business for a 7th grader?

Asked by Guy123123 (302points) May 13th, 2010

I made bowls out of vinyl records by heating them up for a school thing, so most of the school saw them. I got sold out. I already have friends and some teachers asking me to make some. I was wondering if this could be a summer job sort of thing

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Sure, don’t see why not. Also, If done right, quite a bit could be learned about how to run a business. Summer school, so to speak.

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You would need to find a location from which to sell them and I’m not sure how much of a market there would be for them beyond schoolmates.

But if you don’t have to pay much rent for your sales location, it might be worth giving it a shot to see how it goes.

How much are you planning to charge? Are there any Flea Markets in your area with cheap space for rent?

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I am planning to charge $5, but i do think that there would be a market beyond my classmates because a lot of parents, some who i havent met, bought them

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Depending upon your rent and other business related expenses, thats probably a bit too low. Depending upon where you live, you could probably charge more.

If you can find a good location, I think it could be a good experience for you.

If worse comes to worse you could also try going door to door.

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Yes. I own 2 myself. You could probably sell them to vintage stores.

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Most people on Etsy are charging $10+ for bowls plus shipping. Might wanna make an executive decision.

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I’ve seen them at art fairs. If you price them for $5, you should sell the heck out of them. At that price, you may be able to find some kitschy types of gift shops that will buy them in quantity. I also saw record label coasters like these, or wall clocks.

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