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Where can I find more information on stamps and where is a good place to sell collectible stamps?

Asked by TexasDude (25264points) July 30th, 2012

I’ve been charged with researching the value of a very large collection of vintage postage stamps, some of which have already been determined to be quite valuable (up to a few hundred dollars). Others are still a mystery. If I can accurately price the stamps in the collection and find a place to sell them, I will get a significant cut of the profit. Naturally, I want to figure out the value of as many of these stamps as possible, as accurately as possible, and I want to sell them somewhere where I can maximize my profits. Any ideas or suggestions?

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This might be a better place to ask.

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@bkcunningham thank you kindly. That’s very useful.

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I’ve sold entire collections on ebay @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. You can look up what your stamps have sold for by searching for a particular stamp, then scrolling down to completed listings on the left hand side.

If you do decide to sell online, your best bet would be to list these as “buy-it-now”. That way, though it may take a couple of months, you will get the set price you are asking.

I’ve also sold presidential letters & autographs. Though it did take me about 3 months to sell the collection, I got top dollar. ‘Tis the season to sell. We’re headed into the pre-Christmas buying season now.

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@SpatzieLover that’s actually what I wound up doing! Now I just have to list them. I still have another few hundred to go through. I found some neat ones, too, including two from Tibet! Thank you!

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