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Is it legal in the US to buy Cuban cigars shipped from not-Cuba?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) May 13th, 2010

Can I have Cuban cigars shipped to me in the US from Europe/Canada/wherever?

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It remains illegal for US residents to purchase or import Cuban cigars regardless of where they are in the world.
– via Wiki

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When I worked in Bloomigdale’s in FL during big sale events we would sometimes have Cubans rolling cigars to give away free with big purchases :) but they weren’t “Cuban Cigars.”

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Some tobacco shop in Victoria, British Columbia claimed they could ship them to me “as a gift.” I didn’t make the purchase, but if you’re serious, maybe try calling a tobacconist in Canada—or the one on the main strip in Victoria.

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Want a Cuban Cigar. Go to the Bahamas.

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Want a Cuban Cigar. Go to the Bahamas.

Or Canada.

I used to live in the Detroit suburbs, it’s a 30 minute drive

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Many “Cuban” cigars are actually made in the Dominican Republic, so be sure of your source.

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There are many places in Europe that ship Cubans to US. I’ve never ordered them but apparently they must get through but who knows if some get seized.

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Wow.. I hope that embargo is soon lifted. What a load of cods wallop. But,,, ick… cigars. Sugar is my addition and Cuba used to supply the US with that too. Cross fingers for some mutual respect in the region.

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@cazzie I have my doubts. Since FL is a swing state in elections everything political is working against the embargo changing.

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If you smoke stogies they’re sublime but an acquired taste like Scotch I suppose.

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Yes because they have to come from somwhere!

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@smokeweedeveryday It is illegal. Did you read the thread? Do you even know what our relations with Cuba are? We cannot even fly directly there from the US to see family members, it is forbidden by law.

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@JLeslie – what kind of answer did you expect from someone who smokes weed every day?

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Accepting a shipment of Cuban cigars from anywhere in the world can get you a $10,000 fine from the Dept. of Treasury. No Cuban goods from any destination can be accepted as either a purchase a gift in the U.S. If you are greedy and buy so much as to make the Treasury boys believe you are reselling them in the U.S., you will get federal prison time. That’s what an economic embargo is. All trade with Cuba is illegal.

Unknown to many Americans, however, it is legal to visit Cuba. But it is illegal to spend any American wealth in Cuba—and that includes any other currency one may use during their stay as it will be assumed by Treasury that any currency spent in Cuba was purchased sometime down the line by U.S. dollars.

As to the embargo: as long as the extremely wealthy and powerful Diaz-Balart Family is on this planet and able to unite the progeny other powerful Cuban ex-patriot families who took a major hit when their industries were nationalized beginning in 1959—including the extensive Batista family (political power, theft of Cuban treasury, international banking, International Telephone and Telegraph, land, Daiquiri Iron Mines, sugar, tobacco, Texas oil and vast amounts of U.S real estate), the Fuentes (Tobacco, land), the Diaz-Balarts (political position, Daiquiri Iron Mines, IT&T, land, international banking), the Bacardis (Rum, beer, medicinal alcohol, sugar), the Fanjuls (Big Sugar, Land, Coca-Cola, various brands of popular soft drinks sold around the developing world), and others—the embargo will not end. Money and power held in a few angry Cuban expatriots’ hands through an American political system which allows legal bribery, keep this embargo going; not the American people.

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