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Why am I unable to access anything other than the General section?

Asked by Buttonstc (27574points) May 14th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m on iPhone and there is a three part drop-down menu containing each of the sections with the General section displayed by default.

But it won’t respond when I try to access any other section. What’s up with that?

It was working fine last night. Are they now trying to force everybody to use General?

Are they miffed because someone posted about boycotting General a few days ago?

Have the other two been removed?

What’s going on here?

Can anyone drop me a clue?

I realize this Q should probably be put in Meta, but then how would I be able to read any of the answers if I can’t get there?

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It is not working for me either. :(

Hey guys! What is up with our mobile?

Buttons- use this link to access a regular version of the site.

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Same problem here. I reported it using the contact button a while ago.

For now you can use

And this should be put back in general since they can’t get to meta.

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I herewith nominate John Powell for a Mod position.

What would this site do without him?

This should be recognized.

And you don’t need to remove this. I know this is the General section. But if things were working properly that would be the LAST place I would ever choose to put a Q :)

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Same on my iPod Touch! However it works just fine on the Opera browser, free from the Apps store.

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