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What do the abreveations and numbers on strongs concordence mean?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) May 15th, 2010 from iPhone

qahal {kaw-hawl’}
6950; TWOT – 1991a; n m

AV – congregation 86, assembly 17, company 17, multitude 3; 123

1) assembly, company, congregation, convocation
1a) assembly
1a1) for evil counsel, war or invasion, religious purposes
1b) company (of returning exiles)
1c) congregation
1c1) as organised body

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Strong’s has a word number, language designators and version designators. They are all explained in Strong’s itself.

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I do not have a copy of strongs. All I have is the above text. Specifically I would like to know what AV means and the words an numbers that follow

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AV stands for Authorized Version, another name for the KJV. The words and numbers that follow are the different English words that qahal (Hebrew word number 6951) is translated as in the KJV, and how many times for each: 86 times it is translated as congregation, 17 times as assembly, etc.. It appears in the Bible 123 times.

As for the TWOT line, that doesn’t appear in my version of Strong’s, so I’m not sure what it means exactly.

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Knowing nothing at all about this reference or its contents but a little something about references in general, I would have to guess that TWOT is the abbreviation for another title (something-something-Old Testament, perhaps?), with 1991 being the year of publication and 1991a specifically signifying one of several such titles from 1991. Alternately, it could be volume a of a multivolume work, with volumes m and n also cited. Note that this is guesswork.

[Edit} Hah. How about this? So 1991 isn’t a year; it’s a word number, and a, m, and n are probably subentries.

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