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Does anyone "get" those Windows 7 ads? What's the point?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39099points) May 15th, 2010

My pc crashed earlier today. In frustration, I yelled at the screen “I want you to run!” Did the powers that be, just figure out now that we want a PC to run without crashing? How about an operating system that does not totally disable my computer after getting the latest windows update?
Is anyone really convinced they need to run out and buy W-7? I don’t get that ad at all. Do you?

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its like buying new shoes that don’t fit… shoppings fun… wearing what you buy worthless

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The ads are easy to get…...the problem is that it’s probably false advertising.

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I never understood the ads (the one’s that have the common phrase, “Windows 7 was my idea”), because what it actually accomplishes, is in retrospect, it bashes every previous version of it’s own operating system. All the people in the commercials complain so much about how terrible their computer experience was & that it desperately needs change… to a newer version of the same thing. They all say that Windows Vista was terrible, but now I have Windows 7… but guess what, when Windows 8 comes out, the commercials will say, ‘god, Windows 7 was such a headache, I just want a OS that works.. windows 8 was my idea.’ Microsoft really needs to fire it’s marketing firm. I was a windows user for about 17 years, I bought a Mac 5 years ago without ever having used one, best damn decision of my life.

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And that dumb ad “I’m a PC” Well, I have used a PC forever. (since DOS) I am not a PC. i am a PC user. .

I am now officially a pissed off PC user. The latest Microsoft security update sent out on Patch Tuesday killed my pc and my desire to ever buy one again.
I’m thinking “Windows 8: switch to Linux or Mac Is my idea.”
If they spent a little more money on product instead of useless dumb advertising maybe I’d stick around.
Nah, Who am I kidding? Look at their track record.

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I love the one with the girl in the coffee shop.

“I want a computer that will multitask without slowing down. Thanks, Windows Seven!”

Uh, chicky-baby, that’s the processor you’re worrying about. You’re thanking a piece of software for fixing a hardware problem.

Do they not realise that some people might actually know these things?

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