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Why do eye's twitch?

Asked by mascarraaa (123points) May 15th, 2010

I get random twitches in my eye once in a while and I’m curious to know why. Is this bad or completely natural?

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Eye twitching, eyelid tics and spasms are pretty common. Usually only the bottom lid of one eye is involved, but the top eyelid also can twitch. Most eye twitches come and go, although they can last for weeks or even months.

Called myokymia in doctor lingo, these rippling muscle contractions in an eyelid can be triggered by:

Dry eyes
Nutritional imbalances
Almost all sudden-onset eyelid twitching is benign, meaning the condition is not serious or a sign of a medical problem. However, this kind of eye twitching also can be hard to treat. The only option for making the twitching stop may be to figure out the cause and deal with it.

Did you know there is even a website dedicated to it:

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@mascarraaa Thanks for asking, because I have that occasionally. @Zen_Again Thanks for the very comprehensive answer.

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@ETpro You’re welcome. As you can see, it’s usually not something to worry about. Just try to identify the source.

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@Zen_Again It happens quite infrequently and has since I was a kid. I’m 66 now. So I long since figured out that if it was going to hurt me, it was taking its sweet time.

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Mine always does when I’m stressed.

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I’ve had an eye twitch for 7 weeks, I’m losing my mind! Dr’s and opthamologist both just say ‘ride it out it will go.’ but it’s seriously ruining my life.
I’m so depressed because of it.

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