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Why is my new computer battery not charging fully?

Asked by MagicalMystery (900points) May 16th, 2010

i got a new battery for my Acer computer. the instructions that came with the battery say that it’s hard for a computer to charge a brand new battery, so to re-set the charging cycle, you may have to remove the battery and reinstall it.

the battery has been charging for the last day and a half, (since Friday night and it’s now Sunday morning). when i checked it just now, and when i checked it yesterday morning, the amount of battery life left is pretty similar, so in other words it has not changed much. it says now “59% charged – one hour left.” it said “61% charged” yesterday morning so i am wondering what’s wrong. the instructions say to charge fully the first time so i don’t want to start using until it’s 100% charged. i have removed the battery about 4 times in the last 24 hours, as per instructions.

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You sometimes have to cycle a new battery a few times before it will reach full capacity. Try unplugging it and using it until it switches off then recharging it a few times and see it that helps.

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Either your battery, your charger, or your computer is broken. I wouldn’t put up with that kind of B/S. Just take it back, and have them replace your computer.

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I would try @Lightlyseared‘s method – run the battery down all they way (I play a DVD to drain if faster) and then recharge.

After one cycle it should work normally. If not, @gtreyger is right, return it.

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@gtreyger: i’m sorry -i should have clarified better – my computer is not new – the computer is about a year and a half old. the battery is new – it’s a replacement battery. i understand that my choice of words made it sound like the computer was new.

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Call customer service, get a replacement.

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Most PCs have an auto-scale and auto-zero function for displaying battery level. The calibration could be off if you repalced your battery with something else: higher capacity, different technology or a cheap gray market, knock off battery.
The computer battery level function has to learn what kind of battery is in it. Run it down and then let it charge again.
There are cheap look-alike batteries that are labelled one technology, Ni-MH, but are actually NiCad.
Take a guess where they are made.

Here is an article about indicated battery levels and how to do the battery level calibration .

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I am with @ChazMaz on this one. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops with a brand new battery. Get it swapped out.

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Been there, done that. Computers are not always great about recalibrating. I would cycle it a couple of times and see if that helps. I know I didn’t get a good charge on either my Acer or my Toshiba until my third cycle.

Also, I find BatteryBar to be far superior to the power meter from the factory or the one in Windows. I use the free version; the Pro version doesn’t have anything extra that I want/need.

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When I replaced a laptop battery, the leaflet stated that the battery would not fully charge until it was completely depleted and recharged a few times.

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